sabato, maggio 31, 2008

Denmark stuff!!!

Steppeulvene - Hip (1967 psych)
Steppeulvene - Hip

Essential. Here's a fine example of how expensive studio equipment and software are superfluous. At the bottom line, what really matters is talent, originality and good songs - this has it all and maybe more. The importance of this album can only be underrated.

Isenkram - Isenkram (1974 psych folk)
Isenkram - Isenkram

Heavy jocker - Cesar palace (1978-hard prog)

2:Hair - Piece (1970 superb hard psych)

Thanks to Isabelbc for can find a wrong name in rar files (it's called Heavy Jocker 1970-pieces or something like that) but it's another album...if Someone of you have the first album of Heavy Jocker (1976) please SEND IT!!!

Hair - Piece

heavy_joker_-_piece 1970

domenica, maggio 25, 2008

Outeiro - Ollos de Marzal (1980-spanish prog)
Outeiro - Ollos de Marzal
Goma - 14 Abril(1975 prog jazz prog-spa)
Goma - 14 Abril
Very elegant and sometimes jazzy flamenco prog. Some of the quirky passages brings me to think of the italian band Picchio dal Pozzo, while the more fluent jazz moments sound like Argentina's Bubu (or actually the other way around). Even this record is a bit too sentimental here and there, but not as much as Triana's debut album. The track "Un Nuevo Abril Sin Sal" sounds a bit like Flea's "Topo u Uomini", and is probably the weakest track on the album (although still good), while the highlight is the second track, called "Aqui y Ahora".


domenica, maggio 18, 2008

Aquarelle - Sous Un Arbre(1978)
Aquarelle - Sous Un Arbre


Aquarelle - Live at Montreux(1980)
A big thanks to Belan for this gem!
Thank you Belan!!!
Aquarelle - Live at Montreux

martedì, maggio 13, 2008

Tomorrow i'll have my degreese's discussion...i'm a little bit nervous!
see you tomorrow!

Hydravion - Hydravion (1977 fra prog-inst. prog)

lunedì, maggio 12, 2008

giovedì, maggio 08, 2008

Rainman - Rainman (1971 holland prog)
Is a good prog album with some folk influence...very good!!!
Rainman - Rainman

Voiz - Boanerges (1977 holl xian hard prog)

Voiz - Boanerges

p2: here

martedì, maggio 06, 2008

Have a nice week end!!!

Triangle - Triangle(1970great hardrock prog - Fra)

Lo ammetto...gurardango la copertina di questo album ho sperato ad un fulminante hammon alla Deep Purple ma purtroppo non è così! tuttavia il sound richiama la tradizione britannica dell'hard rock anche se ci sono accenni della progressive francese...un ottimo lavoro anche se manca il classico colpo da K.o. per farlo entrare nella elite dei grandi classici!!
Triangle - 2(1972)
Triangle - 2
missing song...(track 5 & 9 not 2!!track 2 is already present!)
Here missing song

Triangle - Homonymie(1972)
Triangle - Homonymie


giovedì, maggio 01, 2008

The Moon - Without Earth and the Moon(68-69 psych folk)
The Moon - Without Earth and the Moon

One of the better interpretations on the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper, The Moons' first album, (the first 12 or so cuts on this CD), "Without Earth", is a psych/pop masterpiece. Horns, sitars, tape effects and studio-trickery abound on the album. The vocals by Moore are very much in the "British" vein as well, sometimes sounding remarkably like John Lennon's. The song-writing is also very solid, as are the backing vocals and melodies; quite a few of the tracks have backing "oohs and aahs" that could've been placed right on Sgt. Pepper and fit right in.

The bands 2nd self titled album included on this CD is a more trippy bluesy affair, and not nearly as exciting or meaningful as their wonderful first. For this reason I had to drop it from a 5 to a 4.5... still, it's a great CD and very much worth owning if you dig 60's psych/pop.

* If you like this album you might want to take a hint from the liner notes and track down a copy of the self-titled album "Colours", fronted by Montgomery and Dalton... 2 guys that contributed to some of the first album on this CD's tracks. *


Mourning Phase - Mourning Phase(1971 folk)

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