mercoledì, agosto 24, 2011

Brian Short - Anything for a Laugh (1971 folk psych)

Brian Short - Anything for a Laugh
The mood here is pitted somewhere between the seemingly lighthearted title and the solemn, somber album art. It all starts off quite reminiscent of The Band, and stays that way throughout, vocally. Check for "Emily," sampled on the Cunninlynguists' Dirty Acres track titled "Dance For Me." Short's got a way of making songs that are at once chilled and somewhat gloomy, yet quite epic. Sometimes the sound is loungy, sometimes it's baroque-folky, and a very cool sax leads the way out on "Blue Tuesday". Meanwhile it's just straight up guitar 'n' piano classic rock on "Don't You Need Me Anymore". And it all just somehow reminds of Joe Cocker's version of "A Little Help From My Friends". It's a great obscure little album, in fact I don't even remember how or why I got it... From RYM (jaybird)

sabato, agosto 20, 2011

Strawberry Path - When the Raven Has Come to the Earth(71 jap heavy psych/H.rock)

Strawberry Path - When the Raven Has Come to the Earth

As the awesome fuuzy, bluesy pump of "Gotta See My Gypsy Woman" gets grooving, you'll feel like you're in old school heavy heaven. And this Japanese band certainly had their hearts in the right place when it comes to this kind of old school heavy ambling about. "Woman Called Yellow" and "Five More Pennies" are great, with plenty of power and energy, the latter bringing a slightly less cranked out MC5 to mind, and the same goes for "Leave Me Woman," which is superchanged R&B that just makes you shake whether you want to or not. But as much as I hate to pigeonhole bands on the basis of national origin, Strawberry Path did do the typical Japanese deal, and included a couple of ludicrously sappy numbers as well. But just as quickly the get back to business. There's even a "Moby Dick" style drum solo workout called "Spherical Illusion." Damn good record. And if you're motivated enough to find it, I'd also grab Blues Creation's second album, and Ranmadou's 1971 album to get a nice picture of early Japanese heavy stuff. From RYM (cirithungol)


mercoledì, agosto 17, 2011

Morganmasondowns - Morganmasondowns (1970 folk)

Morganmasondowns - Morganmasondowns

Really gentle balladeerish folk that doesn't have any particular draw for me. It's rather straight ahead and weepy, but a few good songs here and there. From RYM (valis666)

lunedì, agosto 08, 2011

Color Humano - Vol 2&3 (arg heavy psych/blues 72 73)

"Color Humano 3" seemed to re-find the creative songwriting of the first album, perhaps featuring a better production for their 70s' heavy prog rock, and quite interesting instrumental passages, for instance in the long "Las historias que tengo".
The tongue-in-cheek "Mañana por la noche", "Hace casi 2000 años" & "Cosas rústicas" (aka "Coto de caza") must be the highlights of this final Color Humano's album...not a big fan of the Edelmiro Molinari's vocals, nevertheless I like the album, it's quite ace during some passages, a bit so-so at times though.
Color Humano never reached the excellence of other Argentine bands of its time, like Invisible, Almendra, Vox Dei or Manal, but will be reminded as part of the idealized 70s, and for albums like this one.
From RYM (death metal doll)

lunedì, agosto 01, 2011

Mushroom - Early One Morning (1973 irl progressive folk)

Mushroom - Early One Morning
Once again, we find Tovan's opinion blending seamlessly with that of all the other reviewers! This is a mix of traditional style folk driven prog, and some harder, semi-comm. prog. It's a good album in the genre, and certainly worth seeking out by folk/prog fans. Grades - 4 B's, 2 B-'s, and 3 C+'s, consistent too. From RYM (tymeshifter)
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