giovedì, dicembre 24, 2009

(1970-superb Heavy Psych)

Mendelbaum - Mendelbaum

Mi piacciono questi tizi!ottime canzoni, ottime chitarre ed ottimi fiati (anche se come detto non mi fanno impazzire personalemte!!!) un vero e proprio album da ascoltare con gusto e passione fino all'ultima traccia!a voi!(dimenticavo, il tutto impreziosito da un cd bonus conteente le traccie live del gruppo!)

a fantastic heavy San Francisco psych band. one of the many great releases from Shadocks Music.

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lunedì, dicembre 21, 2009

(1974 prog-blues-jazz)

Iguana - Iguana

buon disco!il fatto è che non so come diavolo classificarlo!credo che dall'altro possiamo dire che sia prog ma le impostazioni blues-jazz si sentono e pure parecchio!ditemi voi!

Solid blues/jazz rock from this outfit who then teamed up the following year with one of the finest singers ever to create the Jess Roden Band.


giovedì, dicembre 17, 2009

(1969 Great folk)

Roy Harper - Folkjokeopus

che bel disco!!!ottimo folck alla maniera di bob dylan!ottimo!!! mi sono piaciute molte canzoni!in particolare ascoltate la 7 traccia e ditemi se non sembra Dylan!

This is one of my favourite roy albums. I love "sgt sunshine" and the sprawling "mcgoohan's blues" the best. It flows well from beginning to end. It's still a transitional album, but the experimental tracks ("composer of life"/"in the time of water") wear their influences on their sleeves (incredible string band predominantly) and thus seem the weakest songs here in hindsight. "mcgoohans blues" reminds me a little of al stewart's similarly lengthly "love chronicles" but while al didn't take the epic song concept any further, roy managed to make it work better in his context than many of the "progressive" acts that pursued the same ideas in the 70s. "all for one" is very similar to "blackpool" from roy's debut album. The guitar work here is freeflowing and ambitious. All in all a very fine effort, and a very listenable one.


sabato, dicembre 12, 2009

GNIDROLOG - LADY LAKE(1972-masterpiece prog album)

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Riposto un po di progressive (selezionata!)Ottimo disco, ben suonato con ottimi spunti, consiglio caldamente la track "i could never be a soldier" e la bellissima "Ship" ma per la verità anche il resto è molto buono (forse con un solo punto di stanca un una canzone troppo progressive per i mie title track)!Vivamente consigliato!

Superbly interesting second album from a welsh band, yet to be discovered by the vast majority of the proghead. This is a full blown blues-based prog with folk and jazz tinglings , with fairly aggressive ambiances (from VDGG, Flute from J Tull ) . T he voice reminds me of the sadly forgotten prog band named AUDIENCE ( who recorded four album between 69 & 72 for the Charisma label) , and the music is a cross of the above mentioned groups, Blodwyn Pig and KC and sometimes Gentle Giant.The saxes , flutes and cellos parts makes this album rather unusual and rather original IMO, and the art work is rather spooky an aspect also present at times in the music. There is also a newcomer in a second reed player and it increases the musical interplay within the band.Soldier is a real gem , the title track are immediate pleaser to an accomplished prog addict , Ship taking some time to win you over but one must be patient with Social Embarassment as the finale is probably one of the more violent and weirdest momemt on a prog album and it is the only number not to be sung by Goldring. The two shorter numbers are of the same superb standard, one of them having a piano , the only time you will hear KB in that band. The solid sound and ferocious singing may set back some people, but ultimately , this will satisfy the most demanding proghead. Start with this one as the debut is even more difficult, but just as loveable.


martedì, dicembre 08, 2009


O.P.M.C. - Amalgamation

Devo ringraziare il mio amico MIRI per avermi passato questa rarità! Un disco sconosciuto alle mie orecchie (e presumo a molti di voi!) che quindi potrà avere il giusto seguito di appassionati!
Come descritto brevemente dal titolo i nostri eroi suonano uno stile psych/folk molto bello, a tratti con forti venature blues!che dire...consigliatissimo!
Sto cercando il Disco "Piscen And capricorn" degli "O.p.m.c." se qualcuno lo avesse lo potrebbe uppare? Vi ringrazio Gia da adesso!!

Hi my friends! I would like to thanks my friend MIRI who send me this rare album! It's a duo folk-psych with some blues influences...raccomended!!!!
Ps i still find the first album of this duo ("Pisces And Capricorn")...If you have it please send me the link!thank you!!!


venerdì, dicembre 04, 2009

Sweetwater - Sweetwater (1968 great psych)

Sweetwater - Sweetwater

Ottimo disco che mischia numerosi stili anche se il fattor comune è quello psych.Molto piacevole l'ascolto, in certi momenti sembra chiaro il richiamo ai "jefferson airplane".Molto bello Ve lo consiglio!!!!

Most people forgot this band who opened the original Woodstock concert and that a few months later had to say goodbye to her singer that got his vocal chords hurt in a car accident. Their debut is a great hippie album. They mixed rock and psychedelic pop with some jazz influences and non traditional rock instruments as flutes and cellos with excellent results. Nansy Nevins was a great singer and she refreshed the songs with her vocals. The album has catchy tunes, intense and beautiful instrumentations, great bass lines and only a few low points caused by excessive experimentation. But the record holds together fine. "Motherless Child" and "In a Rainbow" are great and deserve to be 60's classics. Curiously the introduction of "In a Rainbow" sounds very much like some parts of Madonna's Beautiful Stranger. "Two Worlds" is another good song which is based on a pop melody and some 60's organs. "For Pete's Sake" is one of those 60's classic that no one knows the name of song or which band played it.
The most overlooked album of the 60's.

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