lunedì, luglio 21, 2008

Orange Power - Orange Power (1977 jazz prog-Austria)
Orange Power - Orange Power

Big Lost Rainbow - Big Lost Rainbow (1973 usa folk)

Big Lost Rainbow - Big Lost Rainbow

here p1
here p2

venerdì, luglio 18, 2008

Galaxy-Lin - Galaxy-Lin (1974 hol prog)
Galaxy-Lin - Galaxy-Lin

Galaxy-Lin - G (1975 hol prog)
Galaxy-Lin - G


Crypto - Crypto (1975)
Crypto - Crypto

Mind you, I’ve given this a single listen, but I’m already in love. Stellar instrumental fusion effort with powerful guitar solos, highly innovative use of synths. For sure worth tracking down!


mercoledì, luglio 16, 2008

Ophiucus - Ophiucus (Fra psych prog 1972)
Ophiucus - Ophiucus

While a bit aimless sometimes, this is still an excellent record. The music varies between Pink Floydian art rock, introverted ZNR-like structures, and folksy, almost Linda Perhacs-like chansons. There are even a few Canned Heat-ish blues rockers in the brew. It stays very controlled and french, and quite brilliant. Highlight is the autistic "L'eveil De Notre Temps". Recommended!


Ophiucus - Salade chinoise (1973)
Ophiucus - Salade chinoise


sabato, luglio 12, 2008

Phillip Goodhand-Tait - I Think I'll Write A Song (1971 u.k. prog)
Phillip Goodhand-Tait - I Think I'll Write A Song


Sassafras - Wheelin' N' Dealin'(1975 hard rock)
Sassafras - Wheelin' N' Dealin'

Wheelin'N Dealin'
is an under-rated slice of 70's guitar boogie. The group never escaped from the English college circuit but deserved to on the evidence of this album. The singing is excellent and the musicianship, especially the guitars is good. The title track is one of the highlights along with a cover of CSN&Y's 'Ohio' If you are a fan of British guitar music e.g. Thin Lizzy, you will enjoy this - if you can find it !

venerdì, luglio 11, 2008

Another release of WLFC!enjoy it!!!

We hope you might be interested in posting our 30th release on your blog. It’s dumb and fun and sure to tick somebody off.

Here are the codes to post any & all of The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes on your blog for free (links, cover, Mp3 player). Your readers might enjoy it and we’d get some free publicity for our free music and our free blog. Our parents would love you for it... and we also have pictures of sad-eyed puppies, in case we’re forced to send those, too. Drop us a line so we can add you to our “Bloggers Kind Enough To Promote Us Even Though There's Zilch In It For Them” list. We get almost all our traffic from other bloggers so a link would make all of our collective pants happy.

Full Album Download Link

The Jim Morrison Seance Tapes (13:57)
Message From Fornax (Pre-JMST Instrumental) (14:02)

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martedì, luglio 08, 2008

Glass Prism - Poe Through the Glass Prism (1969 uk? us? psych)
Glass Prism - Poe Through the Glass Prism
The album title "Poe through the GLASS PRISM" ... as they took Edgar Allen Poe's work and tranformed to song. Frankly, they were a very good (live) cover band at the time.

Glass Prism - On Joy and Sorrow (1970)
Glass Prism - On Joy and Sorrow
A dark and heavy vibe, really great guitar work sometimes with fuzzy sounds, more on the sorrow side of life then on the joy side. " Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. " They were from Pennsylvania, on the else dark sleeve they have nice colorful suites.

domenica, luglio 06, 2008

Yonin-Bayashi - Isshoku Sokuhatsu(1973 japan masterpiece heavy prog)
Yonin-Bayashi - Isshoku Sokuhatsu (????)
This LP is fantastic! Although they do have a sound very much their own, you can't help but notice how these guys were influenced in a big way, by the British hard progressive rock of the day.
It has a sound very close to that of; Pink Floyd, Armageddon, Nektar, Camel ect.
Half way through side 1, they do a really cool 'Captain Beyond/Armageddon' type thing, which blows me away!
I highly recommend this LP/CD, if you enjoy this type of music. The Japanese lyrics only add to the charm of this gem! A great musical ride!!!

Yonin-Bayashi - '73 Yoninbayashi ('73 )
Yonin-Bayashi - '73 Yoninbayashi ('73 ????)

Yonin-Bayashi - Golden Picnics (1976)

sabato, luglio 05, 2008

Nova - Atlantis (1976 prog finland)

Nova - Atlantis link)
Pluto - Pluto (1972 uk psych)
Pluto - Pluto

Impressive rock especially from the beginning. The first four tracks flow into each other well and are awesome. Though not overtly psychedelic, there are flashes present as are some progressive leanings. The major draw is the excellent interplay of guitar, bass and drums. The fifth track "Road to Glory" is rather weak, but the rest of the album is solid though not quite as good as the beginning. "Mister Westwood" boasts some great guitar and the bonus track "Something That You Loved" might be the best on the whole album.

venerdì, luglio 04, 2008

Taï Phong - Taï Phong(superb french prog-synph.prog)!!!!
Grandissimi lavori di musica prog francese!il sound è molto ricercato, delicato e molto melodico con ampi riferimeti alla tradizione sinfonica italiana! ottimo lavoro! Dovrebbero essere legati in qualche modo ai gruppi postati ieri!
Taï Phong - Taï Phong(1975)
Taï Phong - Taï Phong

Do you recognize the French singer and guitarist, Jean-Jacques Goldman, the one who composed Céline Dion's "Là-Bas", a very popular French hit also interpreted by Corey Hart and Julie Masse? It is him, here on this not very well known progressive rock record, singing and playing electric guitars.

Jean-Jacques has a very highly pitched voice, sounding a bit like Geddy Lee of the 70's. The keyboards are modern for the year, atmospheric, dense and powerful. It is an emotional album, not dark but definitely mind troubling. "Going Away" is a good track, being prog hard rock full of changing rhythms; its electric guitars often sound a bit like Steve Hillage, having a short lite wah-wah effect part. "Sister Jane" is absolutely catchy & delightful, having intensely floating keyboards and AWESOME, graceful, loud & powerful backing vocals. "Crest" has a powerful ambient organ, very fast and complex drums, and, again, beautiful, graceful & powerful backing vocals; Goldman shouts like an unpleasant kid in the middle of the track. "For years and years" is the chef d'oeuvre by excellence: it starts with a beautiful rhythmic piano a la George Duke (Frank Zappa of the 70's); the track is very progressive, and the moaning electric guitar solo sounds a bit like David Gilmour's slide guitar; there are peaceful and soothing backing vocals; then, a very complex & clinical part a la Steve Hillage occurs; the end of the track consists in a GRACEFUL combination of Fender Rhodes, inoffensive acoustic & electric guitars and floating organ, slowly growing in intensity, and finally terminating in colorful streams of miscellaneous keyboards and lead & backing vocals: a GRAND lullaby!

On the other side, the delicate and powerful "Field of gold" consists in piano, sissy lead & backing vocals, which unblocks to a powerful catchy refrain; this then leads to a VERY impressive stagnant keyboards texture: it quite sounds like the end of the Tangerine dream's "Force Majeure" track or like the Gandalf's "Imaginary voyage" album. The last track, "Out of the night", is another progressive gem: a heavy ambient organ makes a very slow rhythm, and some excellent Asiatic lead vocals make a catchy melody; there are, again, some excellent backing vocals and very intensely floating keyboards, plus a very good & long guitar solo; it ends with a nostalgic piano part and a shower.

Taï Phong - Windows(1976)
Taï Phong - Windows

This French progressive rock band has 2 Asiatic members: they give the music a unique, charming and original style. The intensely floating keyboards and the miscellaneous acoustic guitars parts of a couples of tracks remind the Gandalf's "Imaginary voyage" album. There are some excellent, melancholic, expressive and melodic electric guitar solos. This progressive record contains many delicate and ethereal bits, although at a slightly lower level if you compare to the previous album. Some bits have excellent piano parts. Like on the first album, there are still many AWESOME, androgynous & catchy backing vocals; it seems there are more acoustic guitars than on the previous album. There is also an omnipresent densely floating combination of organ and more modern keyboards, which gives an overall ambient mood to this record. The rhythm is rather slow, so the tracks are often relaxing. There are a couples of acoustic Oriental ambiences. If you like their first album, then you should like this one too.
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