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Grin - Grin (1971 usa rock)
Grin - Grin

Only 19 when this was released, Nils Lofgren exploded out of the gate with an album that is arguably as strong as anything he would do, ever. I have to give some credit to Bob Berberich. While only having a career that was some 30 albums shorter than Nils he proved to be a good balance vocally often trading leads that added a dimension that always seemed missing on Lofgren's solo endeavors.

But it's really about Nils as he writes every song and plays all guitars and keyboards. He doesn't dwell on one style as each song veers to a different tempo, or intensity never sounding repetitious or juvenile. Greats song in the beginning with "Like Rain" and "See What Love Can Do" and songs no less inferior with the sizzling "Direction" and respectable "Open Wide" closing it out are in fact just samples of an album with very little noticeable filler.

There was just a enormous amount of good music coming out in the early '70's and it was a shame that great albums like this were getting buried underneath the hype.

Grin - All Out(1973)
Grin - All Out
From what I've read so far there is yet another really good album from the early 70's that is not getting its due. Nils had matured to the age of 18 for his third effort with Grin. I will only agree with the detractors that it may a little different from the first two, but I find myself screaming to the music lovers out there "WAKE UP" this album is fucking great! Nils blends ample layers of guitars along with some good piano on just about every song. Even the very weakest songs like "Don't Be Long" or "Love Again" are worth 3 1/2. The first side has "Heavy Chevy" and "She ain't Right". The second side is loaded with great tracks like "Love or Else", "Ain't Love Nice" and the flashy "Rusty Gun". Self indulgent? Get serious if you were 20 and had the talent Nils Lofgren had you would be a fool to hold back.


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Dr. John - Gris-Gris (psych 1968)

Dr. John - Gris-Gris

C'è chi considera questo disco un ve lo posto uguale ma penso sia abbastanza noioso...a voi l'ardua sentenza!

Although he didn't become widely known until the 1970s, Dr. John had been active in the music industry since the late '50s, when the teenager was still known as Mac Rebennack. A formidable boogie and blues pianist with a lovable growl of a voice, his most enduring achievements have fused New Orleans R&B, rock, and Mardi Gras craziness to come up with his own brand of "voodoo" music. He's also quite accomplished and enjoyable when sticking to purely traditional forms of blues and R&B. On record, he veers between the two approaches, making for an inconsistent and frequently frustrating legacy that often makes the listener feel as if the "Night Tripper" (as he's nicknamed himself) has been underachieving. In the late '50s, Rebennack gained prominence in the New Orleans R&B scene as a session keyboardist and guitarist, contributing to records by Professor Longhair, Frankie Ford, and Joe Tex. He also did some overlooked singles of his own, and by the 1960s had expanded into production and arranging. After a gun accident damaged his hand in the early '60s, he gave up the guitar to concentrate on keyboards exclusively. Skirting trouble with the law and drugs, he left the increasingly unwelcome environs of New Orleans in the mid-'60s for Los Angeles, where he found session work with the help of fellow New Orleans expatriate Harold Battiste. Rebennack renamed himself Dr. John, the Night Tripper when he recorded his first album, Gris-Gris. According to legend, this was hurriedly cut with leftover studio time from a Sonny & Cher session, but it never sounded hastily conceived. In fact, its mix of New Orleans R&B with voodoo sounds and a tinge of psychedelia was downright enthralling, and may have resulted in his greatest album. He began building an underground following with both his music and his eccentric stage presence, which found him conducting ceremonial-type events in full Mardi Gras costume. Dr. John was nothing if not eclectic, and his next few albums were granted mixed critical receptions because of their unevenness and occasional excess.


Born Again - Pagan (psych 70's)

Born Again - Pagan
track 4!!!!

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Ora - Ora(1969 prog folk)

Ora - Ora

Quiet Sun - Mainstream (1975 canterbury)

Quiet Sun - Mainstream

So strange that this album is so overlooked. Yet the formation is upstanding: Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera on guitar, Matching Mole's Bill McCormick on Bass, This Heat's Charles Haywardon drums and good jazzy keyboard player Dave Jarrett.
The album is greatly accomplished, with a unique sound fusing Canterbury, Space Rock and Hard Rock in a very personal psychedelic sound. Amazing rhythm section, uplifting guitar and bass "warm" sound à la "Here Come the Warm Jets" reminding of Matching Mole and very good electric piano work. The tracks are all instrumental, with a jazzy feeling, and the album is a complete standout which should be in every music collection, especially if you love progressive rock.

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Hell Preachers Inc-Supreme Psychedelic Underground
(Great heavy psych 1968)

Hell Preachers Inc. - Supreme Psychedelic Underground

Disco contraddittorio...non tanto nella musica che è un heavy psych con forti accenti al prog ma piuttosto per le canzoni proposte...
si dice che questo sia in realtà una sorta di "ghost group" di blackmore piece e lord dei purple che hanno provato a suonare delle loro cose in completo
anonimato in modo tale da assestare il loro sound...questo è dimostrato dall song a "time for races" che in realtà
non è altro che una versione più rude di "Living wreck"!disco buono nel complesso anche se non vi aspettate i classici standard alla purple!

Pretty good early progressive guitar and organ music. Short album complete with some good freakout jams and some throwaway tracks. Both of the "Time Race" songs are very good as is the more bluesy "Let Me Shoot You." "We Like the White Man" is one of the worst songs I have heard in a while. Most of the tracks are adequate though not amazing, but interesting when one sees that the album was made in 1968.



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Paul Kantner, Grace Slick and David Frieberg -
Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun
(1973 acid psych)

Paul Kantner, Grace Slick and David Frieberg - Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun

I had some old creepy hippy doing some construction work around my house a few weeks ago. I pretty much figured that if you're old and doing construction, more than likely you're the type that would be a hippy, listen to hippy music, and complain about politicians particularly those of the party symbolized by the elephant as being the direct source of your financial and educational woes. So it came as no shock to me when this dude after seeing my rather large and extensive music collection recommended me this album by former Jefferson Airplane/Starship members Paul Kantner and Grace Slick, along with David Freiberg (whoever that is)...I don't listen to much of that stuff, in fact I don't know what posessed this guy to think that I'd actually like this kind of music, must've been on something 'cos the only posters I had hanging in my library were of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Judas that I think of it, the guy kind of looked like Paul Kantner...hmmmm...we haven't seen much of Kantner since that big world tour of The KBC Band didn't materialize...I really didn't see that coming. Ok, I don't like Kantner or any anti-American whining pusses, but he did a hell of a job installing my new doors. Anyways I decided to take my hired construction worker/possible Paul Kantner sighting's word and check out Baron Von Tollbooth...and I was reasonably surprised and satisfied with the's mostly psychedelic rock with gospel, country/bluegrass, and progressive rock influences and features a wide range of guests as diverse as The Pointer Sisters and Jerry Garcia, the latter of which was one of the best guitarists ever though a lot of people don't acknowledge him as such...I let him slide only because we're both sons of Spaniards though he looks like a smelly bastard you wouldn't want to be sitting next to on a plane, or even worse sandwiched between him and David Crosby (who also appears here). God I hate hippies, but I love their music...and they're good at installing doors.

Jorma Kaukonen - Quah (folkrock 1974)

Jorma Kaukonen - Quah

Just because this is a Jorma Kaukonen album doesn't mean that it will sound anything like what he has done before, which is what Quah is. Quah is nothing like the Jefferson Airplane or Hot Tuna, which is good because it shows us a different side of Jorma. This lush beautiful album full of emotion is nothing Jorma had put out previous to this album. Originally it was supposed to be one side of the album with Jorma and the other half with a man named Tom Hobson. When RCA heard the finished product they said it wasn't selable. A new cut of the album was made with two Tom Hobson songs and the rest being Jorma. Many of the songs on the album were written by Rev. Gary Davis with the arrangement being credited to Jorma. Listen and you will enjoy.


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Fairly decent psych with prominent organs and some decent guitar playing and average vocals, though the vocals arent what detract from the overall score. The opening cover of "For What Its Worth" is alright, not near as good as Buffalo Springfield's original. "December" is a softer song that proves to be one of the best. Most of the other tracks are all about the same in quality.



Top Drawer - Solid Oak

Nice rock/psych album from this Kentucky band. The opening track "Song of a Sinner" is an atmospheric stunner, featuring the fine guitar of John Baker and the moody organ of Ron Linn. A little cheesy at times, it's definitely worth a listen. The last track "Lies" is great early 70's rock.


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Solid Ground - Made in Rock (swe 1975)
Solid Ground - Made in Rock

The third and ultimate issue of this bone crushing heavy blaster that can scare the shit out of any fainted hearted chicken. Housed in a nice Digi-Pak including a detailed story and plenty of unique pictures. Their 1975 singles are included as bonus. Also included are 4 brand new splendid heavy tracks with their new singer CHRISTIAN ANDRÈN. The two very last songs are with the band 4-ever which included Anders and Gösta. Their super rare vinyl single is available on this CD. Musically not far from the German band Tiger B. Smith. Go for this ultimate issue of the most thunderous Heavy album from the mid period of the glorious 1970s.

SAGA - SAGA (1974 Swe-heavy prog)

Saga - Saga


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Dillinger - Dillinger(can 1974 hard rock/prog)

This, Dillingers debut album was released in 1974 on 'Daffodil' records. The band are from Quebec and Ontario, and formed by brothers Robert Harrison(drums, vocals) and Jacques Harrison(keyboard, vocals). The rest of the band featured; Paul Cockburn(guitars,vocal) and Terry Bramhall(bass, vocals). This was a great mix of hard rock with progressive rock leanings. The album featured four songs, one a 17 minute suite called 'Live and Return' is my favorite. Very cool intrumental passages on this number, with some heavy style symphonic prog influences. These guys can be really heavy, or very melodic at the flip of a coin! They also cover the 'Spirit' classic 'Natures Way', which they doe quite well. I'm pretty sure both Dillinger albums have been reissued on CD by the Canadian label Unidisc a few years back.


Painter - Painter (can 1973 psych hard)

Great one and only LP by this early 70s band from Calgary Alberta Canada.
They were formed from the ashes of a 60s psych band called 'The 49th Parallel, also from Calgary.
Danny Lowe-Lead Guitar, Doran Beattie-Vocals, Wayne Morice-Bass & Vocals,
Barry Allen-Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, and Bob Ego-Drums.
Their music was heavy rock, in the style of BTO or April Wine, and played just as well.
Both Canadian and US pressings give no indication of where these guys hale from, and I'm pretty sure that's intentional. The album was recorded in Seattle Washington.
After it's release in '73, the band did the bar and club circuit, as well as opening for some pretty big names. A couple years later, Danny & Doran founded another Canadian hard rock group called 'Hammersmith', who took the same heavy rock formula and released a couple of LPs and achieved some moderate success.

Barry Allen, who was originally from Edmonton, had a bit of a solo career before 'Painter'. He was given a US recording contract by Capitol Records, and released several singles in the mid 60s. He then recorded a couple of albums, one of which was produced by, and featured the guitar work of Randy Bachman in 69/70. Bachman suggested he join the newly formed 'Painter'.

In 1982, Danny Lowe experienced what he called "an industrial accident" while placing 14 microphones in a sound studio. In playing back the recording made that day, he discovered he had inadvertently created an auditory illusion that he was surrounded by sound. The effect resembled how the human ear actually hears.
Over the next eight years, he and electro-technician John Lees worked together to fine-tune the system. In 1986, the pair formed a partnership with Larry Ryckman, a former Calgary real estate developer, and formed Archer Communications Inc.
QSound was patented in 1990, and the recording system was quickly embraced by music artists such as Sting, Madonna, INXS, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Paula Abdul, Julian Lennon, Wilson Phillips and Luther Vandross.
There's a quick history lesson on some good 'ol local boys!
I don't think the 'Painter' album is available on CD, at least it wasn't the last time I checked about a year ago.
Doran Beattie went on to have somewhat of a succesful country music career!


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Spermull - Spermull (1973)

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Ancora Kraut per amo questo disco anche se oltrealpe è un po' controverso perchè il sound è un filino più accessibile...cazzate, non amo misurare la bellezze dei dischi in base al fatto di una maggiore o minore fruibilità da parte del pubblico...tanto più che secondo me ci sono molte idee particolari...IO amo La prima song "Me and my Girlfriend" la pinkfloydeggiante "No Freak out" e la ottima "rising up"ma anche il resto non è male...a voi!

well...i don't like this review...i think that this album is very good...i suggest "Me and my Girlfriend" , the pinkfloyd like "No Freak out" and "rising up", but the rest is very good...enjoy it!

Now, here's a band that have always puzzled me. They made what has become a highly rated hard-rock album, yet SPERRMÜLL doesn't really warrant its reputation. Why? Well, although it does contain some excellent freaky Krautrock, notably "No Freak Out" which contrary to its title is a superb kind of Hendrixy-Hawkwind type mixture, much of the album, however, is rather straight in comparison. Lyrically Sperrmüll were only a step above pop music, and even sounded like Status Quo on a couple of numbers! Obviously the hype behind Sperrmüll is from those with more conventional hard-rock tastes. It's a good album, but not an essential Brain classic.
Helmut Krieg (guitars, mandolin, vocals), Harald Kaiser (bass, vocals), Reinhold Breuer (drums, percussion), Peter Schneider (organ, electric piano, synthesizer)


Necronomicon - Tips zum selbstmord (1972)

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Ancora roba tedesca!scusate ma ho poco tempo per recensioni e roba simile, tenete presente che è un album abbastanza "scuro" tanto che il titolo è abbastanza esplicativo (consigli su come commettere un suicidio).Altra cosa, volevo informarvi che probalbilmente mi toccherà tornare a rapidshare (forse verso dicembre, ho ancora roba uppata su megaupload che posterò) anche se probabilmente non cambierà di molto la situazione visto che anche un blog "mentore" come "8 days in april" sta attraversando un brutto momento per colpa di chi non ha niente di meglio da fare che rompere gli altrui coglioni!...è una cosa quantomeno frustrante...vabbè lasciamo perdere e a voi il disco! Il prossimo post è l'ultima (per ora) puntata del krautrock con uno spazio alle Kraut-richieste! ciao ciao!

review (

the only kraut recording darker than this is ''pater noster''...or perhaps GERMAN OAK's infamous ''bunker''/''german oak''. disorienting, nauseating but always fascinating with some FLOYDian inclinations (of course not indulged to an ELOY degree)....''tips on how to commit suicide''?


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Dice - Four Riders of the Apocalypse(swe 1977 prog)
Dice - Four Riders of the Apocalypse

[Review originally posted at Progarchives]

After having heard lots of hype about this one, I was rather underwhelmed when I finally did get a chance to listen to it. Yes, on the surface there are strong similarities to Finch and Focus and the like. Yes, the musicianship is impressive and the songs are complex.

The problem is, the compositions are quite poor. The band members do come up with interesting motival ideas, but are absolutely clueless as to how to string them together into coherent musical pieces. As a result, there’s not one memorable moment on the whole album. Well, apart from the bit in “Death” where they blatantly rip off King Crimson’s “Lark’s Tongues In Aspic, Part 2”, cleaved in two by a cheesy rendition of “In The Mood”.

I suppose I should cut them some slack as this was for all intents and purposes a demo, never intended for general release. Still, it’s really not all that much in the end. All the elements are there, but something’s missing. It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle that hasn’t been put together yet.

Dice - Dice (1978)

Dice - Dice

The album Dice featured a decent but somewhat distracting vocalist, but is a little more polished than The Four Riders… There’s still the same mix between upbeat major-key ditties, lush symphonic epics, and dissonant ostinatos. All of the tracks are very strong, but I find the instrumental breaks on “The Utopian Suntan,” the Focus-like instrumental “Annika,” and the glorious mellotron dirge “Esther” to be exceptional. The 22-minute suite “Follies” is an interesting look at schizophrenia. The lyrics are often poorly written but still well-sung and they suit the music pretty well. As is often the case, this album sounds more professional but less distinctive than the rawer predecessor. A lot of the songs are based very much on chord sequences or academic-sounding melodic patterns without a lot else going on. That doesn’t bother me, but it seems to strike others as being bland and unmemorable and more like exercises than well-developed compositions. I think they’re great though.

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RUMPLESTILTSKIN - S/T (1970-psych- hard rok)

Rumplestiltskin - Rumplestiltskin

Vi posto il primo disco dei "Rumple".Peccato che dopo solo 1 anno (e 2 dischi) si siano sciolti, secondo me potevano dare molto e molto altro ancora alla musica psych!Ovviamente come nel 2 disco (forse un filo più maturo) ci sono interessantissimo passaggi di hammon e chitarra (con il wah wah sempre al minimo che da un sound molto profondo e "stoppato").Comunque da sentire!



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dopo la parentesi heavy torniamo nei profondi anni 70!

Il post di oggi riguarda il secondo lavoro di questo gruppo del quale, perdonatemi, ma non riesco proprio a pronunciare il nome! Il disco è un sano psych- hard rock molto molto bello con dei momente assolutamente imperdibili, uno su tutti "Black Magician's Daughter" con un ritornello da strillare (anche se mi sa che non è proprio originalissimo!)!

Ok alla prossima!


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ARMAGEDDON- S/T (krautrock!!!!)

Il titolo è omonimo ma la musica è un po' diversa...qui si suona un hard di chiaro stampo teutonico...tutte le canzoni sono molto belle e godibili in particolare apprezzo la loro personale versione di "Better by you, better than me"...da ascoltare!


(1973- krautrock)

Joy Unlimited - Reflections

tempo fa qualcuno mi disse nei commenti che avrebbe apprezzato questo disco...beh eccolo (con molto ritardo... eh vabbe che ci fa!!!) ciao!


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WARHORSE - WARHORSE(superb Hard rock 1970)

Eheheh...sono tentato di scivervi solo "...a voi"ma mi tengo...CAPOLAVORO!!!!!ahhh...chi vuole un heavy rock con hammond roboanti alla purple...beh...eccolo! che capolavoro ragazzi!
ovviamente sto parlando di "purple family" perche qui ci suona Nick simper, il primo bassista dei purple (che con loro ha fatto "shades" "deep purple"e"book of taliesyn")...Bellissime "Vulture blood" "St Louis" (cover degli "easybeat") ma ascoltate "back in time" e poi non ditemi se certi gruppi di oggi non gli pagano tributo!

Excellent band, their sound is not too much like Deep Purple or Sabbath, they have their own sound and their own composotion level and taste. Very recomended for fans of good Hard Rock and proto metal of early 70´s. The keyboard "touch" make their sound a little bite "similar" to Deep Purple but they have their own personality. Great guitar playing, drumming, great Vocal work. Really a excellent Hard Rock album.A must have album !!!

Why does Warhorse sound much like Deep Purple? Well, after Nick Simper left DP in ’69, he had to do something, and that thing was Warhorse. Normally I hate to say that one band sounds exceedingly like another, but with these two, it can almost be a mirror image at times. Unfortunately, success only cast a reflection on one of them. The other may as well have been a vampire. Churchy keyboard tones evolve “Vulture’s Blood” from silence, a provocative track with a stirring gait and a guitar/piano rhythm mixture that blends surprisingly well together. More DP-like keyboard winds its way in there, forming a braided effect with the enthusiastic drum work of Mac Poole. “No Chance” is a slower, lyrically driven number with moaning keyboards and vocals that try to passionately embellish the story, but Ashley Holt’s low, more untamed lungs are out of their element there. The lyrics themselves (like the sympathetic blurb below the heading) stretch the boundary of the term ‘ballad’ or even ‘sympathetic writing’, and is another reason the band should remain on the outskirts of that realm. “Burning” triumphantly charges out of the gate with Holt’s manly vocal aggression and a belting riff while “St. Louis” is centered around a swift pace and backing vocal-dominated chorus that Sly and the Family Stone could’ve used to some effect. “Ritual” and its animated tempo continues the album’s mostly hectic pace, that is until “Solitude” (ever hear a joyous song with this title?) drones through with more churchy keys and more of Holt’s heartfelt intones that still sound like he’s treading water. That’s not to say a dramatic moment or two isn’t heaved into the mix, like when the chorus-like verse “…they only want me to lie” rises to a head on a gallant wave of heavy beats. The lengthy “Woman of the Devil” has, I hate to say it, DP written all over it; murmuring, ominous keys…slowly building dynamic rhythm…maracas chanting a tribal nuance around a roiling main riff…some great piercing wails that may even give Rob Halford of Judas Priest pause – I wish that Warhorse had more its own sound, for the artists’ sake, so the credit can be given to them directly and not a shade of another band. The cd features five bonus tracks: supposedly live versions of “Ritual”, “Solitude”, “Woman of the Devil”, and “Burning” and a demo version of the unreleased, more commercially viable “Mrs. Jane”, which incidentally isn’t that bad at all with its high spirited veneer and cool intertwining guitar/keyboard solo. The live tracks aren’t live in the conventional sense, like with an audience, but are recorded on one track and come across as strong alternate versions, accentuating or italicizing certain aspects that may have been overlooked in the original.

WARHORSE - RED SEA(superb hard rock 1972 )

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Ecco il secondo disco e purtroppo credo l'ultimo di questo grandissimo gruppo!
consigliatissime "red sea", "sybilla" ma in fondo non si può proprio prescindere da averlo nella vostra collezione! ah...come il precedente ci sono 5 bonus track (demo-live)e le coverart!

Since I was already on a Warhorse kick, I figured I might as well get their second and last lp out of the way. In the two years between efforts, Ged Peck would depart, allowing Peter Parker (yes, Spiderman played on this one) to take over the guitar duties…and it shows. More virile is the guitar playing, especially evident in outstanding, fist-clenching solos, and when tracks like “Back in Time” and the title cut plow through, it’s obvious the band is proud of their augmented muscle. “Back in Time” is a fine mixture of heaviness, drama, and musicianship. The chorus exudes the middle element and is upended by some great proven Ashley Holt cries that detonate a bomb of keyboard-infused guitar. Seething intertwining guitar solos explode at the track’s core, ripping it open right to the end. Predictably, “Confident But Wrong” tones down the heaviness a bit with a mellower, piano-pervaded rhythm that is ultimately overpowered by more weighty riffs and solos. The piano-driven ballad-of-sorts is “Feeling Better”…sigh…alright, though he does sound better, it’s apparent no one in the band has the heart to tell Ashley he’s just not cut out for these earnest numbers, but they endure nonetheless. “I (Who Have Nothing)”, the Shirley Bassey tune already covered by Liquid Smoke twice and about ten other bands, causes me to cringe even before it clicks on ‘cause it’s another slow, disheartened song for Holt to strain, but…low and behold my accusation stands happily bereft of truth as the singer pulls it together for this sincere remodel. The wordless “Mouthpiece” is the most Deep Purple-esque track: semi-ghostly keyboards float slowly into the building lead rhythm that collides with a long combative drum solo to finish the track. For CD bonus selections, a real live rendition of “Ritual” from their debut is present, as well as demo tracks “Bad Time” (an up-tempo foot-tapper that sounds like it could be a covered pop song or something), “She Was My Friend” (a melancholy tune with relaxed backing vocals, chimes, and wispy keys that continually build several dynamic peaks), and “Standing Right Behind You” (strong with a breaking rhythm, cool chorus, and a couple good wails). Another pair of tracks, “Gypsy Dancer” and “House of Dolls”, is cut from slightly different molds, the former more of a slow burner, while the latter more the aggressor with a prominent chorus. After listening to these two lps back to back and with a finer ear, I’ve found I like this band more than I did, say, two weeks ago. Both albums are fine investments, especially for Deep Purple enthusiasts; remember, Nick Simper is in the band, so credibility goes a little further. As far as more bang for your buck, go with Red Sea and its original bonus tracks and not mere reworkings.


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CAPTAIN BEYOND - S/T(masterpiece space-hard rock-1972)

Continuiamo sulla Purple family! questo disco l'ho cercato per 2 anni in tutti i negozi e ovviamente non "esisteva" nemmeno!...sono riuscito a comprarlo in america ad un prezzo consiglio anche a voi di comprarlo!è un hard rock spaziale con chiare influenze deeppurpliane (infatti Rod Evans, il primo cantante dei purple è il cantante di questo supergruppo) Il disco è un concetto unico che segue una sua logica (tanto che potrebbe essere ascoltato tutto insieme di un fiato)inutile parlare delle singole, una ve la devo dire!ascoltate la 4 traccia!

ciao a tutti!

A short trip through space. This music is full of heavy riffs and cosmic lyrics. The record drives quickly through its 35-minute length. Most of the work is done in a "standard" rock way, with lots of guitars and drums, but occasionally bells and vocal harmonies make the music light and delicate. The record is actually a series of songs and interludes forming one large song, and it's concise and varied enough to avoid the droning excesses of bands like Hawkwind. In conclusion, a very good space rock album.

This album rocks from start to finish. The best way to categorize this would be progressive/southern rock, I say southern primarily because of the vocals and "Allman" like guitar. Not surprising since this was released on the Allman's Capricorn label. In fact, this album was dedicated to Duane Allman. All the cuts flow together and are laden with hard rock guitar and frequent time changes. This is an essential listen if one has a proclivity for heavy progressive rock



(masterpiece -space-hard rock 1973)

i Capt. beyond hanno fatto a distanza di un anno l'uno dall'altro 2 capolavori anche se differenti tra loro!il primo un po' più inspirato che seguiva una idea fino alla fine del disco, mentre questo più solido e forse meno "spaziale"rispetto al primo, ma nonostante tutto è un capolavoro!dalla title trak fino alla fine è un disco che vi stupirà!

Wow, I really wish this band would have recorded more. This album is quite different than their debut. If you can imagine an amalgamate of Santana, The Allman Brothers, and a touch of Return to Forever, then that should give you a pretty good idea about the overall sound of this album. These guys were definitely unique. This 1973 offering is simply fantastic and is a testament to the exemplary musicianship and eclecticism inherent in this band. Highlights of this recording are the radio friendly title track (an adventurous acoustic cut), "Everything's a Circle" (a progressive cut with a latin groove), and "Distant Sun" (another proggish track bordering on fusion and my personal favourite). The album cover is awesome as well. Check it!!!


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Purple family!
TOMMY BOLIN- TEASER(1975-hard rock funk)

Beh che aspettate ad ascoltarlo?ottimo chitarrista passato ai porpora dopo la dipartita di Blackmore...non adatto allo stile strettamente purpliano perchè dotato di un tocco soul jazz etnico che ha reso perle i dischi solisti mentre ha inpoverito la carica di lord e company! da ascoltare!

Teaser is a brilliant, yet under-appreciated recording, from the legendary Tommy Bolin. This release should be a part of any guitar player's collection. Bolin displays his unique songwriting & skillful playing ability throughout this nine cut offering. "The Grind" opens the set with an infectious groove, that pulls the listener in. "Homeward Strut" is an instrumental, with a funky edge, while "Dreamer" and "Savannah Woman" lean toward the mellow side. The highlights from Teaser are the classic title track, as well as "People, People" and the hard hitting "Wild Dogs". The LP closes with "Lotus", a complex track that shows-off Bolin's deft guitar skills and solid vocals. Tommy Bolin was able to weave various music styles into his work on a consistent basis. Creative genius from a man who left us much too early in life. Tommy Bolin -- we miss you... thanks for the great music during your brief run. KNOCK IT BACK!


TOMMY BOLIN - PRIVATE EYES(great hard rock 1976)

questo è il secondo disco solista (non sto contando i miliardi di dischi che ha fatto collaborando -james gang,muzon,zephyr,purple) e c'è chi dice che sia un filo sotto apprezzo +cose qui ma penso di essere una pecora nera...comunque assolutamente da sentire "post tosted" che probabilmente è stata ripresa da jj cale per la sua "cocaine".

Private Eyes (1976) is a solid follow-up to the excellent Teaser recording. Unfortunately this was the last recorded studio effort from Tommy Bolin, as he passed away on December 4, 1976, following a performance in Miami. Private Eyes was recorded six months before Bolin's unexpected death. The flagship cut from this effort is "Post Toastee", a nine-minute track which stands out as an AOR masterpiece from the '70's. Other hot songs from this disc include "Bustin' Out For Rosey", "Shake The Devil" and "You Told Me That You Loved Me". Unlike Teaser, Private Eyes was laid down with the official Tommy Bolin Band, which at that time included Norma Jean Bell, Reggie McBride, Mark Stein, and Bobby Berge. In the end Private Eyes is not quite as diverse as Teaser, however is an exceptional set of songs, from a truly great rock artist. Tommy Bolin left this world much too young... his music lives on forever.


mercoledì, maggio 06, 2009

(great german cosmic space prog-1974)

Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass

Che non amo sonorità "cosmiche" ma devo dire che questo disco è veramente bello!!!!ovviamente non prendetelo come un disco di musica rock con canzoni con comparti stagni ma piuttosto come un viaggio cosmico!!!Ripeto non sono un amante del genere ma questo album è bello!consigliato!!

A 40 minute + workout from little known yet highly regarded Krautrock outfit Yatha Sidhra that meanders through a number of musical influences (interestingly none being especially Krautrock!).As expected from the band's name and album title there is a strong influence from the Indian subcontinent and this goes on throughout the whole LP with many passages evoking Indian music.Then there is the jazz influence that runs from Part 2 into 3 and is almost Sun Ra in feel and the highlight of the piece.The flute work as mentioned in other reviews is wonderful and adds a lighter mood and feel.The playing must be influenced by the great jazz flautists especially Roland Kirk.All in all a fine record that loses direction on occasion but which is great for throwing on and then chilling out to.It is so much better than all the endless "chill-out" CD compilations that have been forced upon us.


(1972-good Krautrock)

Häx Cel - Zwai

Hi!this is a great album, similar to Zuphall's album but a little bit more soft...more song have a classical taste (expecially for the song "Albinoni"!)Good kraut album!


martedì, maggio 05, 2009

Eulenspygel - 2 (1971)
Eulenspygel - 2

EULENSPYGEL - AUSSCHUSS (1972-great krautrock)

Eulenspygel - Ausschuss

Ancora una richiesta!questo disco è molto bello ma decisamente meno intrigante e prorompente di "eulenspygel 2" ma ovviamente lo standard e molto elevato!

Another request! This album is a great krautalbum but in my humble opinion it's a little bit far from their fisrt record "eulenspygel 2"...!!tell me what you think about!bye!



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lunedì, maggio 04, 2009

(U.k.-Psych-space folk-1971)

Ramases - Space Hymns

Mmm...mmm...mmm...avete capito no?allora ve lo rispiego...mmm...mmm...!sono interdetto!
Il disco inizia con un genere un space rock con molti effetti e si ha subito una perla rara ("life child" è un capolavoro...)ma poi si ha uno sballo hyppie (o come diavolo si scrive...)folk che rende il disco completamente diverso da come ci si aspetterebbe anche guardando la bellissima cover... mah che dire...ascoltatelo e ditemi se avete avuto anche voi le stesse impressioni!

A rather charming space-folk album that tends to grow on you over time. Obviously Ramases was sincere in his message, although it's hard to figure out what his cosmic message was from here. Spacy and generally melodic folk music with acoustic guitars, backwards effects, sitars and the occasional rock moves. Does not deserve the bad reviews that it gets by a long shot; I suspect the people who give it bad reviews bought it for the impressive Roger Dean cover and were expecting some kind of Krautrock/Hawkwind or Tangerine Dream style freakout as a result. This is far from that, but in all it is not that dissimilar to what Daevid Allen and Gong were doing at the time. Compare to Gong's "Magick Brother, Mystick Sister" and you'll see what I mean. "And The Whole World" and "Jesus Come Back" are undeniably pretty, melodic songs that would not sound out of place on a George Harrison album. Unusual, but interesting spiritual space-folk album.


Ramases - Glass Top Coffin (1975 space psych)

sabato, maggio 02, 2009

(1970-great krautrock)

Annexus Quam - Osmose

Sto divenendo sempre più stringato con le recensioni ma purtroppo sto girando molto questo giorni ed ho poco tempo!Il disco è molto bello ed esprime tantissimi stili diversi (jazz-kraut-psych-prog) e mi trovo a condividere l'idea del reviwer qui sotto con la 4 song che un po sminuisce le prime ascoltate da voi!

Through the first three songs of this instrumental album, I was very entertained as the band utilized many different types of music from jazz to psychedelia to experimental-early Krautrock. The fourth song, which clocks in at over eighteen minutes fails to retain the excitement of the first three tracks.


Annexus Quam - Beziehungen

Annexus Quam - Beziehungen

prima del fattaccio della connessione saltata vi avevo postato il disco "osmose"degli annexus quam...a mio modesto avviso questo disco sta un gradino sotto rispetto ad osmose con anche alcuni momenti di "stanca" soprattutto nella canzone n 2 che fa fatica ad essere ascoltata non ve lo nego...comunque il disco nella sua interezza può preferisco altro...comunque a voi!!

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