giovedì, luglio 28, 2011

La Clave - La Clave (1973 funk prog usa?)

La Clave - La Clave
La Clave are a studio collective on Verve that are quite mysterious. This rare and valuable LP is filled with amazing latin grooves and funky soul-rock. Santana fans should keep a look out. From RYM (sleepobsessed)

lunedì, luglio 25, 2011

Galaxy - Visions (1978 kraut prog germany)

Galaxy - Visions
This is somewhat commercial sounding prog with some garage influences and fairly typical for it's vintage, soft-into-hard style on many of the cuts. Inconsistent quality too; of the 8 tracks, 1 cut gets a B+, 4 get B's, 1 B-, a C+, and a C-. I guess with better than half at or above the dividing line between good and average, this is overall a decent album. This reissue comes with the giant Germ/Eng. booklet that most of the issues on this label have. Hardcore krautrockers may have a tough time with this, but if you have leanings towards late 70's proto-metal, this may be more up your alley. From RYM (tymeshifter)

venerdì, luglio 22, 2011

Murahachibu - Live + 1(jap hard rock garage 1973)

Murahachibu - Live + 1
Why are there no reviews for this band? I own an album of theirs called 'Live' from 1973 and it is wonderful. The rhythm guitar riffs have a definite Keith Richards influence. The drumming is really strong and 'on the money'. If you enjoy the sound of a real, nonproduced, basic, infectious drum kit then this is the album for you. There are copies of Chuck Berry-type songs and stuff like that. Some of it puts me in mind of The Stooges. Of course the singing is all in Japanese but with music this good, who cares? I would recommend this to anyone who likes good basic no-nonsense real music. From RYM (xvgi)

lunedì, luglio 18, 2011

Cromwell - At the Gallop (irl blues rock hard rock)

Cromwell - At the Gallop
Like the Luxembourg band Cool Feet, Cromwell's sole album is one of the most sought after, and expensive, European albums out there. And also like Cool Feet, the album isn't really that special. A guitar based trio, who play a combination of hard rock and boogie rock. Save for some good leads, most of this can be easily forgotten. Comparable to many rare albums here in America. Indispensable for fans of the rare private press genre, but only to them. From RYM (ashratom)

sabato, luglio 16, 2011

Oz Knozz - Ruff Mix (1975 us great hard rock)

Oz Knozz - Ruff Mix
One of the better US private press progressive (alliteration allegation) rock albums from the 1970s. Coming from Houston, but having that amateurish production, vocal style (Id's "Where Are We Going" leaped to mind) and overall approach of any US 1970s group from anywhere. Like most bands of the era, the idea was to throw out a few different styles to see if something would stick. Of course the theory was a major label would hear their private album by chance and want to sign them up for a 5 album contract so they could open for Led Zeppelin or Foghat's next US tour. What separates Oz Knozz from the others, is a strong compositional component, with plenty of original ideas and superb instrumentation (especially the guitar work). My favorite track though, has to be the groovy and infectious horn rocker, which sounds as dated as the movement itself and easily could have been from 1969. The fact these guys tried that in 1975 is the equivalent of Genesis releasing a "Foxtrot" like album in 1982. Which explains why Oz Knozz disappeared practically without a trace. Love it. From RYM (ashratom)

Altona - Chickenfarm (1975 kraut jazz ger)

Altona - Chickenfarm
This is so my style of Jazz Rock song lengths that are within the 4-5 minute range with the exception of the wonderful 10 minute title track song. This album has a lot of catchy tunes and great singing from Karl Heinz Blumenberg for serious Jazz lovers this album wont be to their liking it isnt adventerous enough. However for this guy who does not like crazy heavy jazz fusion i consider that stuff way to hard on the ears this album is great. I believe there are a few different types of Saxaphone's on the album no trumpets and trombones. I like five songs from this album the slower ballad (Lover's Tale) and the uptempo Elephant Walk, Back Again & Ramadam and of course the moody title track. Check this album out its very good From RYM (classicrockman)

lunedì, luglio 11, 2011

Q65 - Revolution (holl 1966 garage)

Q65 - Revolution
Pretty impressive garage rock from this band from the Netherlands. The opener, "The Life I Live" is an excellent opener which, like almost every song, has a very garage feel to it. "I Got Nightmares" has some great rhythmic drum and bass while "Just Who's in Sight" has a definite Eastern feel to it, mostly because of the vocals, droning guitar, and some sort of flute interlude in the middle. The sax on "Mr. Pitiful" is well done as is the pounding rhythms and accompanying harmonica on "I'm a Man." "Summer Thoughts in a Field of Weed" is an excellent down tempo number and "Sour Wine" is another gem with haunting organ and acoustic guitar. "Bring it on Home" is a longer, bluesier thirteen minute jam that is great at times, but not at others, and needed to be about six or seven minutes shorter. From RYM (branting)
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