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Ultra - Ultra(1975 hard rock)
Ultra - Ultra
Excellent archival release compiling the complete studio work of Texan rockers Ultra.
This band deserved far better than the relative obscurity which they languished in for the 25 years before this release.
The 16 songs showcase the bands Southern fried hard rock sound and the excellent twin lead guitars of Galen Niles and Larry McGuffin are well to the fore.
Most of the material is uptempo, upbeat, ass shakin' boogie rawk, but there are also subtler spacier tones on several of the songs, giving away Niles's past with psychedelic band Homer perhaps.
Great throaty vocals too from Don Evans, reminding me of late Molly Hatchet frontman, Danny Joe Brown.
My only niggle with the package is incredibly petty, with the wealth of material here, it's hard to digest all the music contained here, a value for money release for sure. A lesser label would have split the material and made us buy two discs!
The packaging is of the usual high standard which we've come to expect from Monster Records, with full lyrics, rare pics and a potted band biography to boot.
If you're a fan of Southern Rock, Hard Rock, or just Rock music in general, i'd recommend you give this one a listen.
Oda - Oda(1973 great hard rock)

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Walrus - Walrus(1970superb psych prog)

Walrus - Walrus

Similar to Blood, Sweat & Tears, in trying to clone the drifting jazz-rock sound of Chicago, Walrus are a simple band, made up of 8 blues-trained musicians which grew up musically in the sixties: the age of psychedelia and of the first examples of prog-rock (or proto-prog, whatever you call it). The brass band was not an unusual formula then, but now it can seem peculiar: playing heavy r&b ("Who Can I Trust", chosen as the first and only single, with a trumpet and sax solo which reminds Zappa's "King Kong" - as well as the outstanding "Blind Man", which has even proper lyrics), blues ("Rags and Old Iron", the quasi-punk psych mini-suite "Turning-Woman-Turning"), jazz (Traffic's "Coloured Rain", in a remarkable version), pop ("Why"). All is brass and/or guitar driven, all has a quite synthetic "black" feel, but anyway Walrus prove to be a compelling affair mixing non-original elements to build a sound which was, someway, ahead of its time.
Zen - Hair(1969-70 psych)

Zen - Hair


Hungry Wolf - Hungry Wolf (uk v.good psych-prog 1970)

Hungry Wolf - Hungry Wolf


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Deaf - Alpha (kraut 1971 1972)

Deaf - Alpha

mmm...disco di prog-kraut che mi ha lasciato un po interdetto...sia per la cattiva rimasterizzazione sia perchè credo sia stato registrato "live" alcune parti sono imperdibili, altre lasciano veramente il tempo che trovano...interessante la riproposizione del "bolero" di ravel...a voi!

This multi-culture prog album was original released in 71-72. Members :Dany Rühle (guitars, vocals), Bert Buchmann (bass), Jack R. Conrad (flute, vocals), Jelly M. Pastorini (organ, piano), Güge Jürg Meier (drums, percussion).


(1971-great kraut-prog)

Alcatraz - Vampire State Building

buon disco di musica prog-kraut con molti spunti interessanti e con un grande (forse troppo?)uso delle sezioni di fiati!ma decisamente da ascoltare!!!A voi!

Both of the other reviewers must have "water on the brain"... ALCATRAZ is awesome! Sick of the same old sound(s)>>> Never Fear, these guys sound like nothing You will have ever heard before!!!!
note: get the version with the song "Change Will Come"... It is a true monster!


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blues creation - demon & eleven children (hard blues jap 71)

Blues Creation - Demon & Eleven Children

Qualche giorno fa ho fatto una discussione all'uni riguarda alla musica giapponese e solo allora mi sono accorto di non aver messo niente proveniente dal sol levante!a voi questa gemma dimenticata!ottime musiche con una impressionante varieta tra blues /hard rock fino a quei standard abbastanza "scuri" tipici dei Sabbath con un eccellente lavoro dellechitarre!molto molto bello e consigliato!



Kimio Mizutani - A Path Through Haze(1971 canterbury)

Kimio Mizutani - A Path Through Haze

Reminds me of Hatfield and the North. A bit heavier guitar though. Interesting!

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Japan stuff!
Ain Soph(jap- prog jazz fusion)

Vi posto questi dischi "made in japan" a mio avviso sono molto buoni anche se ho letto delle recensioni spaccaossa su qualche sito qui e la...tutta questa schifezza io non la vedo (pur non essendo trascendentali garantiscono un bell'ascolto...)ditemi voi! (anche se c'èuna nota disambigua...non so quando è stato registrato il disco RoaC...chi dice 1991, chi dice sound mi sembra più anni 70 che 90...)

Ain Soph - Ride on a Camel(1978)

Ain Soph - Ride on a Camel


Ain Soph - A Story of Mysterious Forest(1980)

Ain Soph - A Story of Mysterious Forest


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Babylon - Babylon(1978great us prog)

Babylon - Babylon
Florida is not normally a locale that one normally associates with prog-rock of any form, but in the late 70's, a fivesome under the moniker of Babylon defied the stereotype. And thanks to Greg Walker and the crew at Syn-Phonic, this long-sought-after collectible is available once again, remastered and with a nice booklet including photos of the live shows.

At first listen, one would be tempted to write them off as a Genesis clone (yes they ARE influenced by Genesis, auras of Selling England-- and The Lamb-- are most obvious), but on further listening, some noticeable differences emerge as well.

For the most part, Doroccas sounds absolutely NOTHING like Gabriel at all, if anything, his voice oddly enough makes me think of Gary Numan with a bit more facility. At times alien and detached sounding (“Mote in God's Eye”), others far more down to earth (“Before The Fall”). The band's live shows took their cues from Genesis in the respect of using films, slides and props.

1) “Mote In God's Eye” - Starting with mysterious synth noises and eerie percussion, this tale of Nazi war criminals caught red-handed wastes no time unfolding from a somber march to fiercely complex instrumental passages somewhat reminiscent of Genesis yet leaning more towards fusion in their intensity, numerous time changes and harmonic structures (even more noticeable in the succeeding tracks).

2) “Before The Fall” - Starts off low key with a melodious vocal section at times reminding me a bit of the best parts of Selling England--, but before long, the track takes a turn for the darker and spookier as eerie guitar and synth melodies wind around each other over fierce backing by the band. Rodney Best really shines here with his crisp Bill Bruford-esque drumming changing tempos and meters in the blink of an eye.

3) “Dreamfish” - This is where Doraoccas has a field day, having to narrate this tale of fish-like creatures invading the human realm bent of horrific revenge. One has to marvel at how Doroccas can keep up with the band's demented, twisted and difficult meter/time changes.

4) “Cathedral of The Mary Ruin” Here's where the band pulls out all the stops and goes VERY over the top throwing in everything they can possibly think of in terms of unexpected rhythmic twists and dynamic changes and ending with a haunting keyboard figure fading out.

Clocking in at around 35 minutes, this disc moves along at a brisk pace and definitely will appeal to fans of fiercely complex symphonic prog with lots of drama, Genesis influenced yet not a clone. Doroccas's voice may not be everyone's cup of tea but somehow it fits the music quite beautifully. For keyboard fans there's tons of cool synth sounds and ARP strings (NO mellotron though) although I have to admit, that RMI electronic piano is one very obnoxious sound. A tight rhythm section holds it together with Rodney Best's crisp Bruford-like complex drumming and Rick Leonard's solid authoritative bass.

What one might call a minor classic, grab it while you can.

Gabriel Bondage - Angel Dust(1975 prog psych prog)

Gabriel Bondage - Angel Dust
I've known about this band and album since I snagged a copy of this in a collector's bin about 20 years ago. I also had their blue vinyl second LP "Another Trip To Earth" at one time but I can't recall what that one sounded like. I'm really surprised that this album isn't better known; there is a dearth of information about this album and group on the net (aside from a decent review of both albums at Pretty good laid back symphonic prog. Can be very spacey at times, especially the opening track "Babylon". Nice flute, horn, piano, acoustic guitars, soft harmonized choral vocals. "Ladies and Gentlemen" is a great laid back acoustic guitar track with nice vocal washes. The 8 minute "Bondage" has some Canterbury moments bordering on RIO, but that's not the main sense of the album. Overall, this is a really GREAT slice of sadly overlooked mid 70's US prog.

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Release Music Orchestra - Life(1974 jazz prog)
Release Music Orchestra - Life
Release Music Orchestra - Life(fixed)

Release Music Orchestra - Garuda (1975)

Release Music Orchestra - Garuda
Release Music Orchestra - Garuda (1975)(fixed)

Release Music Orchestra - Get the ball(1976)

Pekka Pohjola!!!!(finnish superb jazz prog)
Beh che dire di questi dischi?!??bellissimi!mi sono piaciuti molto (e mi hanno accompagnato per tutto il solito viaggio quotidiano) Come da titolo del post parliamo di un jazz prog molto buono(devo dire che ho cambiato un po i miei gusti...prima mi sarei avvicinato con un po' di diffidenza a questo genere...) NOn ho canzoni da segnalarvi nel particolare quindi...a voi!
Pekka Pohjola - Harakka Bialoipokku (1974)

Pekka Pohjola - Harakka Bialoipokku


Pekka Pohjola - Keesojen Lehto(1976)

Pekka Pohjola - Keesojen Lehto

I have the version of this album with a white cover and the words "Mike and Sally Oldfield/Pekka Pohjola -- The Consequences of Indecisions", and the Finnish song titles translated into English. I got it because of the Oldfields' involvement, not realizing that it was actually a Pekka Pohjola record, but I'm glad I did because there's a lot of great music here. My favorites are "Hands Calming The Water", a beautiful piece aided greatly by Sally Oldfield's voice, and the stunning "Mathematical Air Display" which indeed sounds a bit mathematical until the song lapses into that exciting, steadily-building midsection featuring some fine guitar work from Mike Oldfield.

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Prudence - Great Norway prog folk!!!!!

Vi posto questo gruppazzo!mi sono piaciuti moltissimo per il loro mix prog folk(ricco di spunti interessanti,anche per la varietà degli strumenti suonati!) assolutissimamente consigliati tutti e 2!!!!
Prudence-Tomorrow May Be Vanished Victoria "Så Bærre Pass Dæ!(1972)


Inspired by artists like The Band and Jethro Tull, Prudence dug into their own Norwegian small town roots for inspiration. In 1972 they surfaced with this absolutely astonishing debut album. Having spent the years before as a well kept secret of northern Norway, they gained instant recognition. Combining acoustic instruments like accordeon, mandolin and flute with electric guitars, bass and drums, they created a style that still echoes. This album is where it all began.

Prudence-Drunk and Happy 1973

Prudence - Drunk and Happy


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The Estes Brothers - Transitions (1971 psych-rock)
The Estes Brothers - Transitions
It's not realy that heavy but more reflective, spacious and Jamming
The piano player brings a nice jazzy sound the guitarist has a good sound too

C.C.C. Inc. - To Our Grandchildren (1971 folk)
C.C.C. Inc. - To Our Grandchildren

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Delired Cameleon Family - Delired Cameleon Family (1975 prog)
Delired Cameleon Family - Delired Cameleon Family

This one had been their most cosmic sounding effort and actually it's together with FBB one of those Clearlight albums I can find the least pleasure with. At least to my ears this music presented here just sounds inmature, chaotic and completely weird. Moreover it becomes very repetitive, pointless and boring at times. I can imagine that it will appeal to fans of Lard Free and early Gong but I doubt that anyone loving their later releases will find much enjoyable here. Clearly an aquired taste and for sure a freak-out cosmic trip, probably enjoyable with the help of some additives. Still worth 3 stars for its uniqueness but I wouldn't consider it an essential addition to any Prog collection!

Catharsis - Illuminations (1975 prog)
Catharsis - Illuminations

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Tabula Rasa - Tabula Rasa (1975 great fin folk prog)
Tabula Rasa - Tabula Rasa

The first question I heard this album was 'Is this Jethro Tull?'.
Tabula Rasa sounds a bit like Jethro Tull because of it's instruments but it has sort of finnish stamp on it. Gryf is my favorite song on this album.

Tabula Rasa - Ekkedien tanssi(1976)
Tabula Rasa - Ekkedien tanssi

This album is a fine prog effort, and second this is a beautiful soft rock with good keys and guitars. The first track (i will not mention the titles, because are hard to write), the album's name is a great opener with smooth guitar and keys. To me this album really sound symphonic, and is not bad, maybe a little to mellow. Sometimes sounds like Kaipa, but more vague in contrast with what was made by prog bands in mid '70. 3 stars, still enjoyble to me, if for you, listen and convince yourself that is not so bad album after all. Similar band is Nova (also from Finland).

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Claude Léveillée - Black Sun(1978)

Claude Léveillée - Black Sun

When one thinks of prog rock from Canada, one might think of Rush, Saga, or FM. Now let me add on Quebec's Claude Léveillée. Here's a guy I know very little of, and he seems to be known only in French-Canadian circles. He seemed to have quite a prolific recording career stretching back to the early '60s. But with his 1978 album Black Sun, he went the prog rock route, with him on piano, and Michel LeFrançois handling the synthesizers, with help from a drummer and bassist. No, this isn't what I call a mindblowing prog rock album, but if you like instrumental prog rock in the vein of many French artists you might find on the Musea label, you might enjoy this album. And if you're not too gung-ho about Rush because they're too metal, or Saga because they're too mainstream, you won't have a problem with this album, as it stick strictly in the late '70s prog rock vein. Nice album, but not essential.

Since I did this review, I found several Quebec prog rock albums that totally blow Black Sun right out of the water, and that is the self-entitled 1976 album from Et Cetera, and both albums from Sloche, J'un Oeil (1975) and Stadacone (1976). While Black Sun isn't bad, these aformentioned albums and bands are the ones you should try first (I understand some of the stuff from Maneige and Harmonium are excellent too).
Mona Lisa - Le petit Violon de Mr. Gregoire(1976)

Mona Lisa - Le petit Violon de Mr. Gregoire

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brigade - last laugh (1970 good psych usa)

Brigade - Last Laugh

buon disco (non eccezionale) di musica sono alcuni intermezzi che richiamano fortemente i canoni
della musica hard del primo periodo "anni 70"ma come già scritto altre volta manche quel "quid" per il salto di qualità!

Reissue of this obscure LP release from 1970, originally from the Pacific Northwest.
This is one of our alltime favorite album when it comes to Underground & Psychedelic music.
One of ten we would take on an island.
Full of dynamic and strong fuzz guitar solos, driving drums and amazing vocals, which deserves this offical reissue.


petra - petra - 1974(us hard rock)

Petra - Petra

Un buon esempio di musica Hard rock anni 70!per chi non avesse mai ascoltato il genere di certo non consiglierei di partire da qua perchè effettivamente il disco non eccelle e non si hanno delle song che rimangono nella memoria (anche a causa di una "confusione"dei generi proposti...)
tuttavia rimane un buon esempio delle idee musicali di quegli anni! a voi!

Unlike most of their later albums, this sounds exactly like what you'd expect from a bunch of bible-thumping rock'n'rollers from Nashville. Which is not entirely a bad thing. Especially now that I'm older and can appreciate it in a non-ironic way. The closing song, "Parting Thought", is the real standout: a sweet acoustic number that could have been sung by Malcom & Alwyn.


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Ya Ho Wa!!!!(great acid psych)
oggi devo correre e Ho poco tempo per fornirvi una recensione ma vi lascio le recensioni in consiglio caldamente questi dischi che sono molto belli!spero apprezziate!

Ya Ho Wa 13 - I'm Gonna Take You Home

Ya Ho Wa 13 / Ya Ho Wa - I'm Gonna Take You Home

characterized by the chanting and bellowing of Father Yod, this mostly instrumental album has some intense passages of twisted and eastern guitar work within the framework of highly improvised, imprompto, trancelike performances. Reputedly, this is one of the better releases of this cult band; and It certainly is about as extremely psychedelic as it can get. this is a very deranged performance that certainly eclipses any sense of reality.


Ya Ho Wa 13- Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa (1974)

Ya Ho Wa 13 / Ya Ho Wa - Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa

Certainly the most song oriented of the Ya Ho Wa material, and this one is a stunner. Some of the best acid psych songs you'll ever come across. The power and sincerity really shines through with this recording. Easily one of my favorite albums of all time, and my favorite by the Father Yod/Ya Ho Wa groups.


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H.P.Lovercraft (v.good psych west coast)!!!!

molto tempo fa ho uppato questo dischi ma mi sono scordato di postarli (anche per colpa della fottutissima connessione internet che latitava), beh poco male mi rifaccio del tempo perduto!si parla ancora di musica Psych con un interessante alternanza maschio/femmina alla voce...le prime 2 tracce sono veramente belle...a voi!

H.P. Lovecraft 1967

H.P. Lovecraft - H.P. Lovecraft

A fine artyfact from this Chicago psych troupe. Besides all the spindly organs, HPL's biggest guns were George Edwards and Dave Michaels' dueling lead vocals. They hold notes until they turn real ugly. It's something to hear.

It's a one-two punch with Edwards' arrangement of "Wayfaring Stranger" and a cover of "Let's Get Together" that's profoundly more moving than the Youngbloods'. But there's also a few ill fits: namely, the campy cod-ragtime of "The Time Machine" and the botched pastoralisms in the lyrics to "Country Boy & Bleeker Street". Fred Neil's "The Bag I'm In" and the trad "The Drifter" take the full-blooded treatment, and "The White Ship" is an unsettling, spooky near-masterpiece. But they're just the best cuts on an above-average record. The San Fran scene is the big referent, yeah, but so is Revolver-era George Harrison (guitar, that is, not vocals).


H.P. Lovecraft II 1968

H.P. Lovecraft - H.P. Lovecraft II

After acquiring a new bassist and acquiescing to the obvious (moving to San Francisco), H.P. Lovecraft sounds fractured and spent. Much rarer are the full-throated hippie-rock cuts; the exception is be the expansion: "At the Mountains of Madness" ventures into progressive realms with its vocal repartee, panning chaos, and keyboard freee-flights. But this is a wounded record, plucked and strung. "Mobius Trip" is a bummer in the summer, coming down on a sidewalk, beautiful people all around.
Just like the last record, the first two cuts are covers. The theme this year is Terry Callier tunes (very cool). Both feature string sections, but except for the show-stealing dramatic orchestral interlude in "It's About Time," only the first track is worth writing home about. The most ambitious cut may be "Ellectrollentando," a pretty, slow burn. Fingerpicking, synth twinkles, and only one vocalist (Edwards?). It's a downer of a drug portrait, and it ends like a dying heartbeat.
Richie Unterberger, who wrote the liners to Two Classic Albums From H.P. Lovecraft, has "Keeper of the Keys" pegged as either "stentorian" parody or the sound of a band falling overboard. I guess I'm easier to please/easier to fool, cos I find it simply awesome. H.P. could rock (just check their live disc), but this is actual bombast, complete with cellos and regal piano.
Any record with a Ken Nordine cameo (the fuckin' awesome "Nothing's Boy") is worth attention, I feel. It's a worthy record, nearly cliche-free. But comparing this record to its predecessor is like vetting the merits of Wow versus Oar.


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Blackbirds (early krautrock)!!!!

Oggi ho poco tempo per scrivere qualcosa di interessante, quindi vi rinvio alla recensione in inglese...

The Blackbirds were going in a much more prog-rock aligned direction on their second and final album. That much is evident from the opening instrumental, "Praladium," which sounds kind of like Emerson, Lake and Palmer with a dusting of bubblegum pop, as ludicrous as that sounds. The cathedral-like aspects of the organ were amplified upon on this outing, and at times it seems like it might actually be a subtle satire of the kind of pomp rock being ground out by ELP and others during the era. It's got more cheer, verve and a gutsier edge than typical keyboard-dominated progressive acts. At the same time there's a quasi-religious vapor to some of the proceedings, as though they're performing a prog-rock mass of sorts. Like much prog-rock, the instrumental parts of the songs do tend to go on longer than necessary, which is why this album rates lower than its predecessor, although it's still stamped with some alluringly sorrowful melodies and vocals. —
Richie Unterberger

Blackbirds - No Destination (1968)

Blackbirds - No Destination


Blackbirds - Touch of Music (1971)

Blackbirds - Touch of Music


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Electra (great krautrock)

Il mio amico MIRI mi ha consigliato questo gruppo e devo dire a ragione!!il primo disco (e.combo) è un esempio di krautrock mischiato a sonorita forse un filo più commerciali ma la storia cambia dal secondo album dove i nostri eroi si cimentano in una riproposizione dei brani di musica classica ovviamente in chiave prog con un abbondante uso del flauto e dell'organo!ho apprezzato molto di più il 2 disco ma vale la pena sentirli entrambi

One of the best 70s bands from East Germany. Bernd Aust (flute, sax, keyboards), Hans Peter Dohanetz (keyboards), Peter Ludewig (drums, percussion, vocals), Wolfgang Riedel (bass), Peter Sandkaulen (guitars), Stephan Trepte (vocals), played melodic prog-rock.
Electra - Electra Combo (1974)

Electra - Electra Combo


Electra - Adaptionen(1975)

Electra - Adaptionen

Surprisingly good rockin' 'adaptions' of classical music. If you like ELP, Ekseption or Wakemann this is worth to seek for.


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Stackridge - Mr. Mick (1976 prog)
Stackridge - Mr. Mick

Trader Horne - Morning Way(1970 uk folk)
Trader Horne - Morning Way
I was made aware of this album when a compilation of weird folk stuff had the track Morning Way.
seems like thats the most famous track (well, as famous as any of this) which is perhaps a little unrepresentative as its one of only tracks on this that Judy Dyble writes.
Fortunately thats not a problem, as the remainder of the tracks were by Jackie McAuley and are of an equally high standard.

what you get is an album essentially built around an acoustic folk base (though not in the "traditional" folk sense), with the wonderful duets of Dyble and McAuley - really, their vocals are one of the best combinations i've heard.
the songs vary in relation to the amount of weirdness, so on the one hand you get the droney The Mixed Up Kind which reminds me a lot of Wee Tam and The Big Huge era Incredible String Band or the dreamy title track, while on the other hand you get more straight forward songs like Jenny May or the poppy Sheena.

My only complaints are that i dont like Down And Out Blues or The Mutant (cant really tell you why, as i never listen to them. just never liked them), plus the single only track Here Comes The Rain should've replaced one of them.
but thats a minor quibble, as this really is a strong album. Its dreamy and childlike, but its also a little dark and oh those vocals........theyre heaven.

if you like weird late 60s/early 70s folk, then you NEED this album.

1. Jenny May
2. Children Of Care
3. Three Rings For Eleven Kings
4. Growing Man
5. Down And Out Blues
6. Mixed Up Kind
7. Better Than Today
8. In My Loneliness
9. Sheena
10. Mutant
11. Morning Way
12. Velvet To Atone
13. Luke That Never Was
14. Here Comes The Rain
15. Goodby Mercy Kelly

sabato, febbraio 07, 2009

Paul Gaffey - Mephistopheles (1974 great psych uk)
Paul Gaffey - Mephistopheles

octopus - restless night (1970 uk psych)

Octopus - Restless Night

Bell'esempio di musica psych proveniente dal regno unito!atmosfere molto soft con nessuno strumento prevalente sull'altro, consigliato a chi vuol passare un po' di tempo riposandosi con un buon disco!
mi è piaciuto nonostante io propenda per un sanissimo heavy rock!a voi!


venerdì, febbraio 06, 2009

Paris - Paris(1975 great hard rock)

Paris - Paris

Vi ho postato tempo fa il 2 disco dei nostri eroi...non mi ha particolarmente impressionato, non come questo omonimo debutto!bello!se amate i Led Zeppelin quando facevano Hard rock non potete perdere questo lavoro!a voi!

Paris - Big Towne, 2061 (v.good 1976 hard rock)

Paris - Big Towne, 2061

Funky hard rock. 'Seventies atmospherics and ambiguous attitudes. Mimes on the back cover. All this on a major label with name players. An artifact this one. But still listenable.

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