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Kraan (great krautrock)!!!
vi posto i primi 2 lavori dei kraan,band teutonica che ha tentato di proporre un krautsound più vicino al rock che al sound teutonico stesso, ovviamente sempre con un occhio di riguardo alla musica progressive!ve ne consiglio l'ascolto!


Kraan - Kraan

Compared to their later jazz-influenced works, this is very straight krautrock. very psychedelic with phased drumming etc. i actually like this more than their later albums because it has got more "balls"! Standout tracks: "Kraan Arabia", "Head".



Kraan - Wintrup

Second album from this underrated German band. It's not as rocking as the first one and not as commercial as their breakthrough, "Andy Nogger". The first song, "Silver Wings", is the best here.


venerdì, gennaio 30, 2009

Ruphus - New Born Day (1973nor heavy prog)
Ruphus - New Born Day

Excellent debut by this Norwegien band. The album is hard progressive rock at it's finest. Sort of like 'Uriah Heep' meets 'Yes'?

The instrumentation here is, bass/guitar/organ interplay, male and female vocals. The female vocalist, Gudny Aspaas's voice is stunning, almost resembling Maggie Bell (Stone the Crows) or Candy Givens(Zephyr).
Normally I would not care much for that style of vocal on a progressive rock album, but here it seems to work very well.
The keyboard player 'Hakon Graf' is a great Hammond B-3 player, and has a superb technique so familiar to that era.
The bass player 'Asle Nilsen' has a sound much like Chris Squire.
The drumming supplied by 'Thor Bendikson', is solid throughout.
Guitarist, 'Hans Pelter Danielson' is a competant/adequate player, and he does let go with a nice solo now and then, but the bass playing and the keyboards do more for me here.
If your into early 70s progressive rock, this album as well as their follow up, are highly recommended.


Undertakers Circus - Ragnarock (1971 psych prog)

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Titus Oates - Jungle Lady 1974(superb psych prog)

Titus Oates - Jungle Lady

c'è un po' di tutto in questo disco!folk prog psych cantanto in maschile (sempre) e una song cantata al consiglio l'opener e l'ultima traccia!DA AVERE!


Alive 'n Kickin' - Alive 'n Kickin'(1970 us psych heavy psych)

Alive 'n Kickin' - Alive 'n Kickin'

Nome cazzutissimo, musica carina ma un po' moscia se ci si aspetta tanto dal titolo...non fraintendetemi è un buon disco (buona alternanza maschio femmina alla voce)ma per un disco definito heavy psych dalle recensioni in rete mi aspettavo di più...secondo me è un buon disco di musica psych (togliendo l'"heavy"...!)anzi forse a mente fredda è qualcosa di più di un buon ditemi voi!


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Differences - The Voyage(1982 holland prog)

Differences - The Voyage

Saga - To Whom it Concerns (1978 prog)

Saga - To Whom it Concerns
Fairly competent obscure symphonic prog album from the Netherlands, loaded with Mellotron

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J D BLACKFOOT the ultimate prophecy 1970 monster west coast psych

J.D. Blackfoot - The Ultimate Prophecy

Che bellissimo disco di musica psych con ampi riferimenti west coast (ho tralasciato troppo a lungo questo genere!!!!)ci sono canzoni molto belle che sicuramente affascineranno molti di voi!
a volte si riesce a riconoscere una certa vena hard che rende il tutto ancora più gustoso(almeno sempre secondo i miei gusti!) A voi!

This album would most likely throw people who have only heard "The Ultimate Prophecy" (the song) for a loop, and the first side of the record is all mellow pleasant country rock. Side two is the real deal though featuring the very fine heavy psych side long opus which kind of reminds me of fellow "Prophecy" writer Perry Leopold. Good stuff.


THE TRAVEL AGENCY - (1968-good folk-west coast rock)

The Travel Agency - The Travel Agency

Vi sto dando delle perle!mi piace questo disco (ho trascurato troppo a lungo il west coast sound!)
ci sono anche qua dei momenti psych anche se la "tradizione" presente è più vicina a quella beatles (un po induriti!)non un masterpiece ma ottimo per passare un po' di tempo in compagnia di ottima musica!

This band is totally anonymous other than having Frank Davis as a member. Davis was an associate of the Texas band Fever Tree, and wrote the two-minute blast "Grand Candy Young Sweet" for their second album. Though much less well known, this LP is better than any of the four by Fever Tree. The opening track, "What's A Man" is more relevant today than it was then! A conversation between a father and his hawkish son (wasn't it the other way around back then?), it has Iraq all over it: ("You can't imagine what I'm thinking / We've got to fight them while they're small / Or their disease will soon be spreading / And then we'll never kill them all"). I don't know what Ann Coulter was doing in '68, but if that doesn't sound like something straight out of her lunatic rantings, I don't know what does! There's nothing else here that's quite that powerful here, but the Beatlesque "Sorry You Were Born", and the fuzz-laden "Cadillac George" are terrific on their own terms. The group gets mystical, with mixed results. "Lonely Seabird" is spellbinding, but the extended, raga-like "That's Good" is simply somnolent. The classical guitar framed "So Much Love", and "You Will Be There" sound like renaissance madrigals. If anything, the group was adept at writing and performing an impressive variety of material. There's unrealized hit potential here. Both "She Understands", and "Come To Me" are instantly catchy, if only someone had been around to catch them. The album peters out with the closing track, "Old Man", which lifts the guitar riff from "Peggy Sue", but there's still enough here to make me wish for a follow - up.

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Colours (psych)
buoni dischi ma non sono saltato sulla sedia quando li ho ascoltati...forse il peccato più grande di questo gruppo (se di peccato si può parlare) è stato quello di fare un po' troppo il verso ai beatles...rimanendo privi di quel tocco di novità che avrebbe sicuramente giovato!

Colours Colours(1968)

Colours - Colours

Excellent hippie rock/orchestra album delves into just about everything. "Uncle Lou's Love Colony" and "I'd Rather Be Me" are the standout tracks for me. Other folks like "Bad Day At Black Rock Baby." Liner notes on the back cover say, "Colours have the crystalline sharpness of the Beatles before they turned acid." Not a lot of folks like that quote. Still there is a kind of Magical Mystery Tour glow to the record......
Colours - Atmosphere (1969)

Colours - Atmosphere


venerdì, gennaio 23, 2009

Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder (1976 can hippie folk)
Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder

Excellent music for the road, this rare and hard to find album is a perfect example of folk and rock made by a bunch of hippies in the seventies.

The words are of love and tolerance, and free life and travelling, while the music suites the words well and transcends all of their messages flawlessly.

Acoustic guitar and haunting fiddle, tablas and vocal harmonies of great and natural honesty of happiness from both the male and the female parts, it is one of the best albums I have heard in quite a while and it holds a strong place in my music collection.

A must have classic!

Blue Max - Limited Edition (hard rock 1977)
Blue Max - Limited Edition

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Lisker - Lisker(1979Superb spain HeavyProg Fusion)

Lisker - Lisker

Bellissimo disco!da ascoltare ed ascoltare!(ultimamente sto ascoltando un bel po' di fusion!) Di questo disco c'è l'opener("Kalean festa") che è devastante!questi ragazzi sanno quello che fanno! super consigliato!

Atila - Intención (1976)

Atila - Intención


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Lotus - Lotus(1974 hard prog)
Lotus - Lotus

Brilliant instrumental progressive and jazzy yet melodic album.
So rich in melody and originality, it just blows you away!

Lotus - Vera O'Flera(1975 swe prog jazz prog)

Lotus - Vera O'Flera

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out of focus (great german heavy progressive 1971)

Out of Focus - Out of Focus

Ancora un bellissimo disco per voi!!!! ed ancora proveniente dalle terre tedesche! il sound è quello tipico del krautrock ma sono riconoscibilissme le influenze delle progressive inglese che, come immaginerete rende questo disco
interessantissimo! a Voi!

This awesome band came from Munich and made three extraordinary albums on the super-collectable Kuckuk label plus another that never got released until recently. Hennes Herring on KB (mainly Hammond organ), Remi Dreschler on guitars, Moran Neumuller on vocals and winds, Klaus Spöri and Stefan Wisheu on drums and bass respectively made an incredibly tight unit although they were prone to a lot of improvisation moments also. Their music is somewhat similar to early British prog but will gradually evolve to a certain jazz-rock while staying very politically and socially conscious (in the typical German style of those years) although the singing does not hold a big place in their music, their third release (a double) being mostly instrumental. Then Herring will leave the band to form SUBJECT ESQ., that will soon evolve into the excellent SAHARA. The rest of the band will hire a second guitarist and record another excellent album that for some reason never got released but the group will stay active until 78.
In my opinion, besides Embryo, Out Of Focus must have been the best and most original band that ever emerged from my home town. Those guys really carried this type of “Krautrock” spirit of musicians playing for their fun and not for any commercial interests. Mentioning the term “Krautrock” though belonging in some way into this particular scene (since they’ve been also quite drug-inspired obviously) the music they presented here exhibited some blend of psyche folk/blues-rock and jazzy hardrock jammin’ not that far away from bands like Colosseum, Nucleus or Soft Machine. Slight comparisons might be drawn as well to country fellows Kraan and Embryo but this band actually had shown a quite unique and self-contained style. The jazz influence wasn’t here yet as strong as it would be on their third album and comes most obvious in the great 13+ min track “Whispering”. "It's Your Life", "Blue Sunday Morning" and "Fly Bird Fly" are more flute-dominated psyche folk numbers wheras the rest of the tracks reveal superb extended jammin’ with awesome sax and organ play. There’s not one filler on here and especially the instrumental sections are brilliant. If there are a few points to be substracted from the full score than it’s due to the vocal performances by Moran Neumüller which aren’t really that great but the instrumental parts are prevailing here anyway. Actually I’d rate both their second and their third album equally with 90 % on the MPV scale!


Out of Focus - Rat Roads (1974 krautrock)

Out of Focus - Rat Roads

ho ripreso a girare per blog e ho visto non so più dove che un tizio cercava questo disco...niente di che, meglio il primo album, pur rimanendo sulle sonorità prog rispetto proprio al precedente lavoro mi sembra molto meno inspirato ance se ci sono dei classici non lo nego(il problema è che io trovo troppo pesanti le profondissime elucubrazioni musicali e questa ne è un classsico esempio, anche se sono sicuro che picerà a moltissimi di voi!)


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(great holland-prog krautrock)

Mr. Albert Show - Mr. Albert Show

Vi posto questo disco molto belli di musica prog (ma parliamo pure di un krautrock anche se il gruppo è di origine olandese)Ottime canzoni, ottime musiche prevalentemente con voce maschile (mi pare che sia la traccia 8 quella con una vocalist) e anche sapiente uso dei fiati (io non li amo particolarmente!!!)

The rock group Mr Albert Show from Eindhoven Holland, was formed in 1969 by Bertus Borgers (saxophone, flute and vocals), Roeland Boogaart (on drums), Tom Fautubun (on bass guitar), Eric Lintermans (guitar), and Bonki Bongaerts (organ). The band was named after a roadie. In 1970 their first single, Wild sensation / King of galaxy is released. The vocals on this track are by Floortje Klomp. The sound of this album is a sort of jazzy progressive music with the focus on the saxophone and the organ. This is a pretty cool LP, and would appeal to anyone into the lates 60 early 70s psych/progressive thing. Fairly tight arrangements, and lots of great weirdness here! Recommeneded.


Mr Albert Show - Warm Motor (Superb Dutch(sorry!!!) Heavy Prog 1970)

Mr. Albert Show - Warm Motor

Su richiesta posto questo disco che come il precedente è molto bello!ottimi spunti prog con grande uso della sezione "fiati!" tutto il disco è da sentire,ci sono molte parti superbe, a volte con un certo retrogusto Santana mischiata con i Jethro Tull...molto particolare no???da ascoltare!!

This is a request!i hope you'll enjoy this great heavy prog band!


Link 2:

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Crossfire - Crossfire (1975 aussie jazz prog)
Crossfire - Crossfire
The debut album from Crossfire is a more daring excursion into jazz/rock than their later material, which was generally soft fusion. There's a strong progressive undertone that's apparent throughout this entire album.
"Funky Funkbump" is a great track and "Inside Out" has a cool intro. Aside from that, there's lost of interesting moments and stuff here for sample fiends. Progressive/jazz.


Greg Sneddon - Mind Stroll (1975 superb prog)

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(1970-1975- Danemark jazz-experimental prog-vinyl rip.)

(kindly submitted by D.H.)

Il mio "amico" dh mi ha uppato questi dischi e vi lascio alla sua descrizione:

Ciao[...] ti posto questi dischi che penso farebbero "bene" al tuo blog! Il genere si potrebbe definire jazz experimental ma ci sono progressive e tanta inventiva! dovrebbere essere rippato da vinile ma la qualità audio non è malaccio!!! Non lasciare che scompaiano![...]


Coronarias Dans - Breathe



Coronarias Dans - Visitor


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BANCHEE- SAME (1969 Masterpiece Heavy psych)

Che Disco signori e signore!è superato solo dall'ultimo lavoro della band, "Thinkin'" che posterò subito dopo questo...questo potremmo definirlo un disco di assestamento in vista del vero capolavoro di musica Psych...purtroppo non esiste una ristampa adeguata e questo cd si trova solo in formato 2in1 proprio col 2 disco...magari ci facessere una nel frattempo ho comprato questo perchè non si può fare a meno di canzoni come "evolmia""night is callin'"e "train of life"...apprezzate questo ma aspettate il capolavoro!(pazienza, il prossimo post!)

a masterpiece of production work. ahead of its time when it was made. a solid lp. another one of my faves that still gets played on a regular basis to this day. love it!


BANCHEE - THINKIN' (Masterpiece heavy psych 1971)

Scusate...inchinatevi al capolavoro!MASTERPIECE!!!!!!
quando l'ho ascoltato per la prima volta ho avuto questa idea fissa!non ho mai sentito un disco che ti coinvolgesse cosi gia dalla prima song..."John Doe" è una delle più belle canzoni mai sentite!!!! Poi si passa alla 2 alla 3 e alla 4 con avidità!non si può fare a meno di questo disco! Unico neo la song "searcher's life"che passa in feretta vi giuro!

With Banchee's first album said and done, I have no idea where the heavy blaster image came from. I’ve found many websites have plagiarized the description in Fuzz Acid & Flowers whenever they have to illustrate the band’s sound, perpetuating the illusion, but where did Fuzz… get it from? The only thing I can deduce is that it’s based on the band’s second and last release as a heavier slant has pervaded the their sound without slapping your face. Apparently, the two years that had passed had members feeling a bit of their oats. In addition to their well oiled, catchy and elegantly rendered resonance, a wider salvo of solos wire tracks with electricity and exploratory musical pieces resembling jam sessions mushroom sometimes out of nowhere. Still prevalent are the silky, multi-part vocal harmonies that are practically their trademark, and the musicianship, if anything, has gotten even more impressive. Driving with its time-ticking, story-based vocal line is “John Doe”. Overlapping this is a perpetually traveling rhythm that already holds an air of completion, almost admiration, which is more often used to end an album. Unfortunately, if you’re listening to the 2-on-1 cd, the song’s atmosphere is partially clouded ‘cause instead of feeling like you’re listening to the first song on a new album, you assume it’s the tenth song on one 17-track monster, and putting it into perspective gives the track a new flavor of appreciation. A jazzy solo backed by a bounding tempo fades the song out with their newly found heavy verve. The equally hasty “Willya” is entirely sung in harmonics with plenty of solos breaking up verses, but beneath it the entire band is just having a blast, coalescing like a sudden jam at a reunion. “3/4 Song” takes on a quirky, disheveled structure that is sung just as oddly until the stirring chorus solidifies the project. More harmonics stream the title cut with the anomalous ending drum solo and bombastic chorus/eddy the highlights. “Searcher’s Life” starts off I believe side two with more convention with the main focus on a fiery solo that pulls it to a close. Serenity isn’t bashful in the spotlight on the debut, but the first glimpse of it finally floats into view with “Iceberg”. Heartfelt words breathe depression into a pace melancholic, yet softly boisterous finally silenced by an earnest solo. This atmosphere carries over to the opening minutes of “Children of the Universe”, then livens up with a breathless surge of vocals with harmonic bursts as a backdrop. “38”, a double-length track, is half blues, half rock that isn’t mingled, but separated about dead center of the track. A repetitive chorus and piercing solo closes the album. Replacing some elegance with energy has given Banchee more of a ‘70s veneer without overpowering fans of the debut. No new discovery is that the band could play, but now are more freestyle in their approach without sacrificing their penchant for catchy songwriting. Another band deserving of credit that fell by the waste side.

Link :

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Tribute - New View (swe 1984)
Tribute - New Views

Pierre Moerlin of later Gong incarnations adds great percusion to this Swedish group which made 3 albums that I am aware of. Songs on this range from great symphonic to more electronic pieces. I recommend this highly.

Storm - Stormvarning (1974)

Storm - Stormvarning

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Spain prog!!!

che bei dischi!!!!ottima musica prog con molti inserti "heavy"(anche se con gli A.DdL si nota che stavano finendo gli anni 70!) Dischi molto ispirati, sia sotto il profilo melodico che tecnico(monumentale l'opener degli Atila)!ve li consiglio caldamente!

Azabache - Días de Luna(1979 great spa heavy prog)

Azabache - Días de Luna


Alacrán - Alacrán(1970)

Alacrán - Alacrán


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Barde - Barde(1977 folk)
Barde - Barde

This quartet from Montreal was formed in 1975 and found their brand of Acadian & Celtic reels and jigs popular around the Maritimes, Quebec and overseas in Europe.

They released two albums on the Port Parole label - 'Barde' (1977) and 'Images' (1978) - before suffering a loss of personnel. By 1983's 'Voyage' for Polydor, MacRaghallaigh and Selick had left and the remaining members changed musical direction by incorporating keyboards bass and violin courtesy of studio musicians Joubert, Paquette, and Therrien.

Utilizing a twin Celtic fiddle sound, Guerin led a revamped Barde at the 10th Annual Winnipeg Folk Festival. The band finally disbanded for good shortly thereafter with Guerin marrying and settling in the St. Boniface region of Winnipeg. He became a disc jockey before becoming Artistic Director of The Winnipeg Folk Festival - a position he still holds.

Barde - Images (1978)

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Bead Game - Welcome (1970 psych jazz)
Bead Game - Welcome

This superb collection of jazztinged psychedelic rock originally appeared in 1970. Boasting the vocal and drumming talents of Jim Hodder (later to join Steely Dan) and guitarist John Sheldon (who'd played with Van Morrison and went on to write for James Taylor), the album is consistently melodic, featuring outstanding musical interplay and glorious guitar solos. Released here complete with three rare bonus tracks and historical liner notes, it's an essential purchase for all fans of US prog and psych rock.

Rodan - Rodan (1974 us jazz funk)

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MAMA LION- PRESERVE WILDLIFE (1972 great hard blues psych)

Mama Lion - Preserve Wildlife

Ottimo!!!bello sto disco!è un hard blues psych con un voaclist che ricorda molto Janis Joplin!!!ovviamente la voce è calda e suadente ma anche dura e appassionata (non sembra a vederla sulla copertina!!!)

Hi folks!this is a gem!great harb blues with a female lead singer in the vein of janis joplin (so...with hard, strong and great vocals!)

Mama Lion - Give It Everything I've Got(1973 blues)

Mama Lion - Give It Everything I've Got

Come immaginerete il tutto non si discosta dal precedente post della stessa "mama", e la miscela proposta è quella di un solido hard blues sempre in vena "Janis Joplin"...Sul livello qualitativo tutte e 2 i dischi sono di pari livello anche se nel circuito delle vendite penso abbia "tirato"più il primo... forse per le tette in copertina?!?!? a voi!


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Quantum Jump - Quantum Jump (1976 prog jazz prog)
Quantum Jump - Quantum Jump

Not sure how you classify this music (rock, jazz, funk, fusion) but it's good stuff. The musicianship is superb - Mark Warner's guitar playing is exemplary - and had some roots in Canterbury Music(John G. Perry - Caravan). Also of note, Rupert Hine's keyboard work.
The lyrics are interesting, and quite humorous at times. Highlights include Over Rio, The Lone Ranger, and Stepping Rocks. (fixed)

Quantum Jump - Barracuda (1977)

Quantum Jump - Barracuda
More of a collective than a regular band as various Penguin Cafes appeared on this one alongside other solo artistes like Rupert Hine and John Perry.
A few nutty credits here and there with "Duff Jones" and "Wax Pole" (who are only in Special Mentions and probably masquerading as other people) thanked for being "fine CHASPS"! Surely a printing error?
For "other players" one Geoffrey Richardson is credited with "Kentish Wheeze Flute" and "Ilkley Brain Flute"! And "Anon" is credited with "surprise overdubs"!
This is the kind of off the wall music you can expect but what the band probably never DID was the hit single which came off the next album,which had the power of sending them into the One Hit Wonder Club later!
They returned or at least a couple of them did,as Sam Beckett and the Hologram who would remain invisible.
Still "The Lone Ranger" went Top 10 and that was that. (fixed)
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