domenica, marzo 07, 2010

Faces - First Step(1970-hard rock)

Faces - First Step

For a debut album this is a real killer. Okay so the members wern't exactly wet behind the ears, but it's still a monster of a first album none the less.
First Step isn't quite as complete and organic as their later albums, for example you do get a few weak points here that didn't really happen on the other albums. However, you do get some really fine tunes. My stand out track is the Ronnie Lane penned "The Stone", also the hypnotic "Flying" and the beautiful "Nobody Knows" make this a great debut album. The weakness is that it is a little too bluesy, and it doesn't really have that fun element that this lot were famed for.
Overall, you've got Ronnie Lane, Rod Stewart and Ian McLagan recording together on one record, what more of an excuse do you need to own it.


The Gods - To Samuel a Son(1970 hard psych)

The Gods - To Samuel a Son

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