martedì, settembre 30, 2008

Fourth Way - The Sun and Moon Have Come Together(1969 exp psych fuzz)
Fourth Way - The Sun and Moon Have Come Together

Werwolf - Live in Montreux (1970 sorry no artcover)

martedì, settembre 23, 2008

Psiglo - Psiglo I y II(urug superb hard prog/psych 1972/1973)

Superbo disco proveniente dal sud America...ottimo!consigliato!ottimo guitar work e organo ben inserito nelle trame strumentali!spesso ci somo momenti più soft dove si sente una anima più vicina agli standard psych mentre in altre emerge un gran anima prog!a voi!


giovedì, settembre 11, 2008

Breakout - NOL (pol-hard rock- prog 1976)

Breakout - NOL

Ho scoperto per caso (come molta altra roba) questo dischi polacchi ma devo dire che ne sono rimasto colpito! Non sono un capolavori ma c'è del buono!
Ci sono belle canzoni molto ispirate e ben cantate!ovviamente non dispongo di molte info riguardo all'album per questo mi affido a voi! comunque credetemi vale l'ascolto!


Breakout - 70a (1970)

Breakout - 70a


lunedì, settembre 08, 2008

Spanish prog!!
Triana - El patio (1975 spain prog)
Triana - El patio

I never heard the name of this band before, probably they were mainly well-known in their country. So far I did not dive that deeply into the Spanish 70‘s prog, not that much as into the Italian one. Although there were a few very good bands like ATILA, MEZQUITA , GOTIC or BLOQUE, I’ve got to say many are too much rooted in flamenco, which is not so much my type of music and the vocals sound often too passionate, sentimental and bombastic, at least for my taste. TRIANA is not really disproving this cliche, because for me the portion of progressive elements in their music is not very high and I’m rather seduced to call it flamenco with some touch of progressive rock. EL PATIO, their debut is still probably one of their better efforts. But even here there are not many progressive moments to find apart of the first song, which is really a good one and maybe the last one, having good electric guitar and nice organ sound. But the songs between these two are mainly flamenco-based ones with passionate moaning vocals, quite nice to listen probably for anyone liking such kinda music, but I wouldn’t call it an essential record in progressive rock. So I think 3 1/2 stars is adequate for this album.

Abedul - Nosotros (1979)
Abedul - Nosotros

martedì, settembre 02, 2008

i need more time to fix all...but i hope you'll enjoy my previous posts!

Mecki Mark Men - Running in the Summer Night
(v.good swe psych 1969)

Mecki Mark Men - Running in the Summer Night

Disco di musica psych svedese!molto buona (ma non la migliore in assoluto)con arrangiamenti articolati ma godibili con una sorta di "aura" in certi casi un po "mistica".ve lo consiglio!

A recording where the whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts. Not great songs, not great singing, not a great recording, but incredible overall power and uniqueness. Credit blistering, feedback guitar solos, an over the top bassist, cool organ death squawks and explosions of gleeful noise. Swedish psychedelics to perfection.

Mecki Mark Men - Marathon (1971)

Mecki Mark Men - Marathon

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