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Earth Quake - 8.5 (1976 usa hard rock)

Earth Quake - 8.5
Most people seem to think that Greg Kihn was the mainstay of Matthew Kaufman's Beserkley Records. Kihn may have become the label's chief money maker, but the label was originally formed and financed by the band Earth Quake. Having recorded a pair of early-1970s albums for A&M, 1976's Kaufman and Glen Kolotkin produced "8.5" was the group's sophomore release for Beserkley. The album gets off to a roaring start with the heavy metal 'Finders Keepers'. Imagine Def Leppard had they come from California and you'll get a feel for this track. Unfortunately, tracks such as 'Little Cindy' and '' offer up a more conventional set of rockers. Powered by Doukas voice, most of the up tempo tracks are actually pretty good, but there isn't much in the way of originality or spark goin' on here. As for ballads such as 'And He Likes To Hurt You' and 'Girl Named Jesse James' ... well at least there aren't too many of 'em. Nice art noveau cover ... "8.5" track listing: (side 1) 1.) Finders Keepers (Johnson - Bowen) - 2.) Little Cindy (Gary Phillips) - 3.) And He Likes To Hurt You (D. Linde) - 4.) Savin' My Love (Robbie Dunbar - John Doukas - Gary Phillips) - (side 2) 1.) Girl Named Jesse James (Robbie Dunbar - John Doukas) - 2.) Motivate Me (Robbie Dunbar - John Doukas - Gary Phillips - Bimier) - 3.) Hit the Floor (Robbie Dunbar - John Doukas - Stan Miller) - 4.) Same Old Story (Robbie Dunbar - John Doukas) - 5.) Don't Want To Go Back (Robbie Dunbar - John Doukas - Gary Phillips) - 


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